2017+ Audi R8 Parts

Aftermarket performance upgrades and genuine OEM Audi replacement parts for the 2017-2023 Audi R8 models. Just check in any of the categories above to shop and as always, if you don't see what you need online yet, just give us a call!

STM is available for service and we typically keep all Audi OEM fluids and filters in stock. Contact Us to schedule an appointment for maintenance, parts install, alignment, tires or dyno time.

Here in the USA, the "Gen 2" R8 is typically referred to as 2017+ model years. In other countries, however, Gen 2 (or MK2 Second Generation) may include 2016 model years. You may have to do additional research if you have one of those years and are located out of the United States. Furthermore, there are a lot of subtle differences between US and EU R8's. Most parts we list online will be referencing USA models, so please do some additional research if necessary to confirm compatibility.

Audi has extended the build timeline to March of 2024, then sadly, the V10 R8 supercar production will come to an end.

Quick Specs on the Gen 2 R8 Models:
2020-2021-2022-2023 (4S) Facelift 5.2L V10 7-Speed Auto RWD/AWD
2017-2018 (4S)
The 2020+ R8 Facelift included new exterior looks, an aggressive front bumper, 3 additional inches of interior head space and updated exhaust tips.

The V10 Plus models feature special Performance drive modes, adjustable heated racing seats, +25 HP and 110 pounds lighter overall.

2017 Suzuka Grey Audi R8
Pictured above is STM's 2017 R8 in Suzuka Grey with HRE Forged P101 wheels in a custom matte bronze finish.