STM Dealer Application

To become a STM Dealer, please complete our Dealer Application and email back all documents to the address on the form and let us know your online STM Account email. Once approved, you will receive discounted pricing on STM Parts as well as other brands site-wide!

What You Need To Do:

1. STM Dealer Application
2. Register for an STM Online Account

Other Requirements:

• Must have a Physical Shop (No residential businesses)
• Must have a Lift
• Must have a Website
• Must have a Business License
• Must have Business Insurance
• No Buy-In
• No Minimum Purchase
• Dealer Accounts DO NOT use Discount Codes
• Must have a Sales Tax Number (For USA, this is the number you use to pay your home state business sales taxes.)

STM Website Content Disclaimer:

You will have permission to copy the photos and content of STM Parts ONLY. If the product title says "STM" you may copy to resell. You DO NOT have permission to copy the images, text or content of any other manufacturer on our website. We will sell you those parts, but you must take your own photos and write your own content. We will absolutely report violators and remove your account. Unfortunately, this needs to be stated in plain text.