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Tech Tips! - Evo X

As we are getting closer to having our entire catalog swapped to our awesome, new layout, we will be adding more tech tips, weights, torque specs and how-to's for the 2008-2015 Evolution X models!

Wheel & Tire Reference:

Factory OEM Specs:

Bolt Pattern: Centerbore: Size & Offset: Tires: Lug:
5x114.3 67.1mm 18" x 8.5" +38 245/40 R18 M12 x 1.5

Fluids & Capacities:

2008-2015 Evo X Notes:

Factory Engine Oil SAE 5w30 Synthetic
Engine Oil Capacity 5 Quarts
Cooling System Capacity 1.975 Gallons
Rear Diff 0.55 Quarts
Transfer Case 0.95 Quarts
Manual Transmission (5-Speed) 2.65 Quarts
Automatic Transmission (SST) 8 Quarts