Lamborghini Huracan Parts

Aftermarket performance upgrades and genuine OEM replacement parts for the 2015-2024 Lamborghini Huracan models. Just check in any of the categories above to shop and as always, if you don't see what you need online yet, just give us a call!

Many OEM parts for the Huracan are manufactured by Audi and we also carry genuine OEM Lamborghini parts as well.

STM is available for service and we typically keep all Lamborghini/Audi OEM fluids and filters in stock. Contact Us to schedule an appointment for maintenance, parts install, alignment, tires or dyno time.

The Huracán was named after the Spanish word for hurricane. All Huracan models have the mighty 5.2L V10 engine and 7-speed auto transmission. Some models are RWD and others are AWD tuned for 580, 610 or 640 base horsepower. Most parts are interchangeable or can be swapped between the models.

Quick Specs on the Huracan Models:
LP 610-4 610 HP AWD 2014-2019 The original street demon that Top Gear magazine named "Supercar of the Year." Special edition models were made such as the Avio in tribute to the Air Force and the Polizia for the Italian police.
LP 600-4 610 HP AWD 2015-2016 The limited edition Chinese Zhong stands for Zhongguo, meaning "Gigantic Market." The Zhong is basically the same as the LP 610-4 with a few less options, but was about $100k less. Only 50 were made in red or yellow with gloss black wheels and chrome exhaust tips.
LP 580-2 580 HP RWD 2016-2019 The RWD Huracan is 73 pounds lighter than AWD.
Performante 640 HP AWD 2017-2019 "Performante" means High Performance. This model features a tuned engine and Doppia Frizione gearbox along with a magnetic suspension, aero mods and interior styling.
Evo 640 HP AWD 2019-2024 The AWD "Evolution" model is the ultimate street/track combo with high power and interior comforts.
610 HP RWD
STO 640 HP RWD 2020-2024 "Super Trofeo Omologata" means a road-homologated super sports car. This is the fastest Huracan model with its power to weight ratio. No nonsense, street-legal racecar.
Technica 640 HP RWD 2022-2024 "Technica" included many customizable options for the build, so we'll find a lot of unique design combos with this model.
Sterrato 610 HP AWD 2022-2024 Meaning "Dirt Road," the Sterrato model is a rally car with a lifted suspension and fog lights.
2015 Lamborghini Huracan Titanium Exhaust Tips
Pictured above is STM's 2015 Huracan in matte Grigio Titans with gloss black Signature SV104 wheels wrapped in Toyo R888 tires and STM Titanium Exhaust Tips.