STM Parts Catalog

STM parts are proudly made in the USA! Our catalog has grown extensively since 2007! The world is pretty crazy right now with material shortages and wait times so some of our fabricated parts will be taking a little longer than normal and our recent estimated ETA's are listed below. Anodizing, powder or ceramic coating can also affect these times. We truly appreciate your support and patience! We are all working hard to keep up and as always, quality is our number one goal!

• STM Manifolds (4-6 weeks)
• STM Downpipe/Exhaust/O2 (1-14 days)
• STM Turbo Kits/Hot Parts (4-6 weeks)
• STM Intercoolers (1-14 days)
• STM IC Piping (1-14 days)
• STM Catchcans/Overflow/Reservoir (1-14 days)
• STM Bars / Parachute Kits (1-14 days)