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STM Tuned Inc.
43 Turner Drive
Spencerport, NY 14559

Hours (EST):
Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm
Saturday: Noon - 5pm (Appointments only)
Sunday: Closed
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For tech-related questions on STM parts or purchased items PLEASE CALL US. Feel free to send a message or contact one of us directly below.

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Emery Kapral
President, STM Tuned Inc.

Contact for Accounts, Projects, Builds & Sales.

When you discover something you love to do, you find a way to make it a part of your life. Emery turned a passion for cars into a very successful business full of hard-working friends and family.

If he's not out breaking records, you could give STM a call and chat with him about how to reach your own personal goals with your car and get your build off to the right start!

Facebook @ Emery C Kapral
Instagram @emeryatstm
Austin Leatzaw
STM Fabrication & Product Development

Austin is the lead fabricator at STM and head of product development. If he's not posting making rainbows in the shop building titanium exhausts and stainless manifolds, you might find him showing off his hand-made turbo kit on his C5 Corvette.

Follow him on Instagram for behind the scenes updates and new product developments.

Facebook @ Austin Leatzaw
Instagram @austinatstm
Cory Bowers
STM Fabrication and Head Technician

When part of a job literally may mean someone's life, you need to be sure you have the right man doing it. Whether it's a flawless installation of your shiny, new parts or the hustle at the track to make sure what broke last pass is fixed in the pits and ready to go for the next round, Bowers is the man.

Follow him on Instagram for shop updates and his horde of black DSM's.

Facebook @ Cory Bowers
Instagram @eviltsi
Cody Seler
STM Fabrication

Cody has had his hands in plenty of different platforms with beautiful results including his is250, 240SX and his electric blue 9 second Evo IX. Over the years Cody has become a very talented welder and we love to see his art under your hoods!

Follow him on Instagram... he could be building your manifold right now!

Facebook @ Cody Seler
Instagram @9secix
Tim Adams
STM Fabrication and Vehicle Technician

Tim is one of our newest team members, and one of our oldest friends. When you drop your car off for service, know it is in good hands. Tim has a long background and experience with the Honda platforms and we were excited to bring him to our team as we have been lacking in that department. Tim is also a very accomplished and talented rollerblader. Check out some of his videos on VIMEO.

Facebook @ Tim Adams
Instagram @tom_abrams
Shawna Susice
Product Media & Web Development

Shawna has been with STM since the beginning in 2007. You'll usually find her buried in a computer screen, behind a camera lens, or searching for a water spot on Ricer. Make sure to take a look in the engine bay to see what STM can offer!

Facebook @ Shawna Lynne
Instagram @4g63girl
Connor Triest
STM Shipping Manager

If you need a status update or to make a change to your order, Connor is your guy. Feel free to message Connor on Facebook if you don't have time to call.

Facebook @ Connor At STM

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If you just have a quick question on a product or a shipping status, give us a shout! Most emails are answered within 24 hours. Please call us directly for immediate assistance, or hit up one of our sales reps on Facebook above!

If it is in regards to an order, please include your order number and supply as much information as you can so we can quickly and accurately respond.