2017+ Audi R8 Interior & Exterior

Interior and exterior parts to customize your 2017+ Audi R8.

Shop for carbon fiber hoods, lips, mirrors, emblems, aero, spoilers, headlights, taillights, car wash and detail, wheels, tires, lug bolts, wheel spacers, TPMS sensors, floor mats, pedals, racing seats, shifter paddles and more!

Lug Bolt Notes:
The factory R8 lug bolts have a rounded shape and not straight tapered like Huracan and Gallardo. If you are installing wheel spacers, you'll want to add the thickness of the spacer to the length of the factory bolt (27mm) to determine the proper length for aftermarket lug bolts.
27 + Spacer Size = What You Need

Some factory specs, wheel sizes and tire sizes are listed below for reference.

Quick Gen 2 R8 FAQ and Specs:
Wheel Bolt Pattern 5x112
Wheel Center Bore Front: 57.1mm
Rear: 66.5mm
Lug Bolt Size M14 x 1.5 x 27mm
Wheels: Tires:
Front: 19x8.5 +42 Front: 245-35 R19
Rear: 19x11 +40 Rear: 305-35 R19
Front: 19x8.5 +42 Front: 245-35 R19
Rear: 19x11 +50 Rear: 295-35 R19
Front: 20x8.5 +42 Front: 245-30 R20
Rear: 20x11 +50 Rear: 305-30 R20
Audi R8 with HRE Forged P101 wheels
Pictured installed above are the HRE Forged P101 wheels.