2017+ Audi R8 Cooling & HVAC

Radiator, cooling & HVAC parts for the 2017-2024 Audi R8 5.2L V10 models. Buy radiators, hoses, caps, mounts, coolant overflow reservoirs, fans, shrouds, water pump, gaskets, thermostat, housing, temperature sensors, orings, seals, clamps and more!

Don't forget to replace your in cabin filter - if your car smells funny inside, replacing that filter can help! If you have problems with your heater core or climate control, we can also get any OEM replacement part from Audi/Lamborghini. If you don't see it online yet, just give us a call!

R8 Coolant / Antifreeze Notes:
The 2017+ R8 uses factory Audi coolant for the 5.2L V10. Audi has upgraded the G12, G12+, G12++ formulas over the years. The most current version is the G12evo Coolant with a purple-lilac color.

2017 R8 Radiator