2017+ Audi R8 Engine Parts

Performance upgrades and OEM replacement engine parts for the 5.2L V10 2017-2023 Audi R8.

Shop for engine blocks and internals, heads, cams, oil pumps, gaskets and seals, dress up bolts and covers, oil filters, engine pulleys, belts and chains, oil cooler upgrades, catchcans, mounts and more! If you don't see what you need online yet, just give us a call!

The 5.2L V10 is a cast aluminum block with an 84.5mm bore, 154mm rod length and a compression ratio of 12.5:1. The crankshaft is forged steel.

The cylinder heads are cast aluminium alloy with 4 valves per cylinder and continuously variable valve timing for both intake and exhaust. It has chain-driven double overhead cams.

The V10 engine block is basically the same through the 2017+ Gen2 model years, but some of the internal part numbers may vary by model such as valves and cams. So if you are doing general maintenance or restoration, you may want to research by your VIN to double confirm part numbers.

Gen 2 R8 Quick Maintenance Notes:
Factory Engine Oil 5w-30, 5w-40 or 10w-60 (Amsoil, MOTUL or Redline is recommended)
Engine Oil Capacity 9 Quarts
Audi recommends changing the oil at least every 5,000 miles, but we recommend much sooner if your car is modified or raced hard - typically at 3,000 or less. At the very least, change your oil once a year in the spring if you rarely ever drive it.

To change the engine oil yourself, you will need the car on a lift to remove 2 undertrays. The engine has 6 different drain plugs. Or you can just give us a call for service, STM stocks Amsoil, MOTUL and Redline engine oils and we keep factory oil filters on the shelf!

2018 Audi R8 V10 Plus Engine Bay