PTE 7275 Gen2 CEA Ball Bearing Turbo (1200 HP)




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The PTE PT7275 Gen2 Turbo is rated for 1200 HP with a ball bearing CHRA. This is the "Gen2" version with the 7-blade CEA compressor wheel. Photos are for reference as each turbo can be configured differently. Please review all options for the compressor cover, exhaust housing inlet and outlet and A/R ratios.

• Ball Bearing (BB) (Air-Cooled, Dual Ceramic)
• Gen2 7-Blade CEA Compressor Wheel
• 72mm Inducer Compressor Wheel
• 75mm CEA Turbine Wheel
• Rated for 1200 HP
• PTE "Street and Race Turbo"

Compressor Cover Options:
• HP Cover (H Ported) (4.0" Inlet / 2.5" Outlet)

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Usually ships in 1-2 weeks.
PTE Turbos are built to your specifications.


See more about the different PTE housing options, compressor covers and PTE videos to help you get your turbo built correctly!

PTE 7275 Gen2 Ball Bearing Options
H Cover Ported (4.0" Inlet / 2.5" Outlet)

PTE Part Number Compressor Cover Exhaust Housing Inlet Exhaust Housing Outlet A/R
21907216219 HP Cover (H Ported) T4 Inlet V-Band Outlet .81
21907216229 HP Cover (H Ported) T4 Inlet V-Band Outlet .96
21907216289 HP Cover (H Ported) V-Band T4 Inlet V-Band T4 Outlet .81
21907216299 HP Cover (H Ported) V-Band T4 Inlet V-Band T4 Outlet .96
21909216819 HP Cover (H Ported) V-Band Sportsman Inlet V-Band Sportsman Outlet 1.00

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