Torque Solution Evo X Fuel Pump Install Kit (TS-EV-FPX) *Discontinued*



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If you've run out of Fuel on your Evo X and need more, here is the answer to your fuel issues! Torque solution's 6061 Billet Fuel Pump Holder is designed to accept Walbro 255lph pumps along with Aeromotive, Deatschwerks, and FullBlown 340lph Pumps. The 340LPH fuel pumps will give you enough fuel to make over 500whp on your Evo X with E85. Plenty for stock motor applications.

This kit has been discontinued by Torque Solution and replaced with the new V2 version here: Torque Solution Billet Fuel Pump Holder for Evo X (TS-EV-FPX.2)

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See more Torque Solution Products
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