Tomei Valve Seat Rings for 4G63 Evo/ DSM (TA310A-MT01A)




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Tomei valve seat rings for the Evo and DSM are designed to effectively dissipate heat in the 4G63 engine, preventing cracking. Achieving high engine output under high rotation and load is difficult if cylinder cooling is inadequate, as this leads to high cylinder head temperatures and a low knock limit. Racing engines utilize high-conductivity metals, such as copper, for valve seats to manage heat. Beryllium copper alloy (BeCu) is ideal due to its strength, fatigue resistance, and wear resistance, ensuring excellent cylinder cooling performance.

Vehicle Fitment:
1992-2006 Mitsubishi Evolution I-IX (Evo 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9)
1990-1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse (GST/GSX)
1990-1998 Eagle Talon TSi
1990-1994 Plymouth Laser RS
1991-1992 Mitsubishi Galant VR4
(4G63 Engine)

16 valve seat rings (8 intake & 8 exhaust)

More Info:
The primary function of a valve seat is to maintain an airtight seal with the valve, typically requiring wear resistance. However, in high-rotation and high-load engines, the cooling performance of the valve seat becomes crucial and directly affects engine output. High engine temperatures, especially around the cylinder head, can limit performance and knock resistance. In racing engines, controlling this temperature is vital. To enhance cooling, high thermal conductivity metals, like copper, are used for valve seats. Copper, with one of the highest thermal conductivities among metals, efficiently transfers heat from the cylinder to the cylinder head. Beryllium copper alloy (BeCu) is chosen for its mechanical strength, fatigue resistance, and wear resistance, providing superior cooling performance.

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