Tilton Racing Clutch Kit for Evo 7/8/9 5-Speed




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One of the baddest racing clutches you can buy! This is the clutch STM chose with our Evo RS build running 8.0@182 MPH! If you have records to break, this clutch will get you there.

Vehicle Fitment:
2001-2006 Evolution VII VIII IX
* Fits 5-Speed models ONLY
* For racing use

Clutch Style: Torque Rating: Weight: Part Number:
Metallic (Triple Plate) 500 19.1 56-358
Cerametallic (Twin Plate) 600 19.1 56-353
Carbon (Twin Plate) 840 16.2 56-352

More Info:
Tilton's Evo 7/8/9 Clutch-Flywheel assemblies are designed to be a direct replacement for the stock 5-speed assemblies, retaining the same diameter (ring gear size) as originally equipped with the car. Read more below to decide which clutch is best for your racing needs! Also included with each clutch package is a hydraulic release bearing (HRB) that mounts inside the bell housing and replaces the stock slave cylinder/fork arm release bearing mechanism. This HRB provides quick shifting, low pedal effort and self-adjusts for clutch wear.

Cerametallic Assembly:

Tilton's Cerametallic OT-II racing clutch is primarily designed for racing applications where some clutch modulation is desired. OT-Series cerametallic clutches feature 4-paddle discs that utilize a unique blend of ceramic and metallic materials. Cerametallic discs are thicker than sintered metallic discs. They provide higher heat capacity through their increased mass. In addition, the engagement characteristics of cerametallic clutches are smoother than sintered metallic clutches. These features have made cerametallic clutches popular in applications such as rally, hill climb, club racing and street/strip applications.

Cerametallic Features:
• 7.25 2-Plate OT-Series Cerametallic Clutch
• Disc Pack
• Billet Steel Flywheel with Integral Ring Gear
• Hydraulic Release Bearing Assembly
• Related Hardware
• Weight 19.1 Pounds
• TQ Capacity: 600

Metallic Assembly:

Tilton's Metallic OT-Series race clutches offer the low moment-of-inertia, high torque capacity and reliability necessary for the most demanding racing applications. These features have made metallic clutches the most common clutch type used in road racing and circle track racing. Metallic clutches are not recommended for street use.

Metallic Features:
• 7.25" 3-Plate OT-Series Metallic Race Clutch
• Disc Pack
• Billet Steel Flywheel with Integral Ring Gear
• Hydraulic Release Bearing Assembly
• Related Hardware
• Weight 19.1 Pounds
• TQ Capacity: 500

Carbon Assembly: (Pictured)

Tilton's Carbon/Carbon OT-II clutches offer a unique combination of extremely low inertia, high torque capacity, high heat capacity and smooth engagement characteristics. Because of these features, they can be used in road racing, endurance racing, off-road and high-performance street applications. The carbon matrix plates (driven and floater) do not warp from heat, providing consistent shifting and minimizing heat-related clutch failures. The smooth engagement characteristics of the carbon plates provide good drivability and reduce "shock" to other driveline components. Through the use of additional pressure plates (shims) and periodic rebuilds, OT-Series carbon/carbon clutches offer a long life option.

Carbon Features:
• 7.25" 2-Plate OT-Series Carbon/Carbon Clutch
• Billet Steel Flywheel with Integral Ring Gear
• Hydraulic Release Bearing Assembly
• Related Hardware
• Weight 16.2 Pounds
• TQ Capacity: 840

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