TiAL Sport Stainless Steel GT45 Turbine Housing




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Vehicle Fitment:
Universal Product

Genuine TiAL Sport lightweight, stainless steel turbine housings for the GT and GTX 42 series turbochargers. Compatible with the 87mm 85 trim turbine wheel and87mm 84 Trim 10 blade wheel and available with three A/R options. 

Specs & Features:
• Typically lighter weight than a corresponding iron housing of the same A/R
• Investment cast stainless steel for a beautiful, smooth interior and exterior
• Vband inlet and outlet eliminates gaskets and bolts, no leaks and no broken bolts
• Overall physical size is smaller than standard housing, allowing it to fit in tight engine bays
• Better heat retention than cast iron
• Pivoting of the turbo 360° possible

GT42 Housing:
• Pipe Size for Inlet Flange: 2.75" OD
• Pipe Size for Outlet Flange: 4.00" OD
• Housing Weight: 13.3lbs (Largest A/R)
• Turbine Wheel: 87mm 85 Trim, 87mm 84 Trim 10 Blade

(1) Turbine Housing

Current Part Number Previous Part Number Description
003021 TiALVB45102 GT45 1.02 A/R Housing
003022 TiALVB45116 GT45 1.16 A/R Housing
003023 TiALVB45130 GT45 1.30 A/R Housing

Please Note:

Flanges and clamps are NOT included. Check the table below for compatible part numbers.

TiAL V Band Clamp and Flange System
GT42 GT45 TiAL V-Band Clamp and Flange System:
Current Part Number Previous Part Number Description
002494 TVBFL42INLET Inlet Flange
002509 VC381 Inlet Clamp
002493 TVBFL42DC40 Outlet Flange
002512 VC450 Outlet Clamp
002512 VC450 CHRA to Housing Clamp
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