TiAL Sport Stainless Steel GT28 Turbine Housing




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Vehicle Fitment:
Universal Product

Genuine TiAL Sport lightweight, stainless steel turbine housings for the GT and GTX 28 series turbochargers. Compatible with the 76 trim 53.9mm turbine wheel and available with three A/R options.

Specs & Features:
• Typically lighter weight than a corresponding iron housing of the same A/R
• Investment cast stainless steel for a beautiful, smooth interior and exterior
• Vband inlet and outlet eliminates gaskets and bolts, no leaks and no broken bolts
• Overall physical size is smaller than standard housing, allowing it to fit in tight engine bays
• Better heat retention than cast iron
• Inconel bolts provided for vibration and stretching resistance in extreme applications
• Locking tabs included for high vibration applications
• Pivoting of the turbo 360° possible

GT28 Housing:
• Pipe Size for Inlet Flange: 2.125" OD
• Pipe Size for Outlet Flange: 3.00" OD
• Housing Weight: 4.5lbs (Largest A/R)
• Turbine Wheel: 53.9mm (76 Trim)

(1) Turbine Housing
(3) Moon Tabs
(6) Inconel Bolts
(3) Locking Tabs

Current Part Number Previous Part Number Description
004097 TiALVB2852 GT28 .52 A/R Housing
002456 TiALVB2864 GT28 .64 A/R Housing
002457 TiALVB2886 GT28 .86 A/R Housing

Please Note:

Flanges and clamps are NOT included. Check the table below for compatible part numbers.

TiAL V-Band Clamp and Flange System

TiAL V-Band Clamp and Flange System
Current Part Number Previous Part Number Description
001814 GTVFL3.0 Inlet Flange
002505 VC300 Inlet Clamp
002500 GVBF300M Outlet Flange
002506 VC355 Outlet Clamp
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