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StopTech Street brake pads for the Mitsubishi Evolution 5/6/7/8/9 and Evo X with factory Brembo calipers are ideal for daily driving and touring. Features a rotor-friendly design with low dust for cleaner wheels and quiet operation. Sold as a set, front or rear. Please note, these pads will not fit the non-Brembo JDM Evo 4/5/6.

Vehicle Fitment: Available Pads: Part Number:
Evo 5/6/7/8/9 with Brembo Caliper Front 308.10010
Evo 5/6/7/8/9  with Brembo Caliper Rear 308.09610
Evo X Front 308.10010
Evo X Rear*Discontinued* 308.13680
More Info:
StopTech Street Pads feature positive molded technology, an OEM process that uses extreme pressure to compress friction materials for reliable and safe stopping performance. Manufactured to include all O.E. gas slots and chamfers helps ensure efficient stopping. The pad's precision cut backing plates provide proper pad fitment in the caliper body, while eliminating vibrations and noise. Mechanically attached pad shims also assist with reducing noise associated with brake pad vibrations.

• Superior Braking Performance for "Street" Driving
• Lab-Tested, OE-Style Design and Features
• Rotor-Friendly, Low-Dust for Cleaner Wheels
• Dyno-Proven Shims for Quiet Operation
• Positive Molded for Consistent Performance
• Scorched to Ease Bed-In
• Premium Hardware for Precision OEM Fitment
• Dyno Tested for Max Performance & Service Life
• Platform Specific Friction Compounds
• Ideal for Daily Driving and Touring

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Customer Reviews

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Fast shipping!


Fast shipping!

Nick S (Garfield, NJ, US)

Excellent brakes for a street performance car

Khristian Guzman (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Only got one half pair of pads.

I ordered a set of stop tech brake pads for my evo 8. The package took a while to arrive which was fine, but it only had the one pair of pads when I ordered a whole set. I gave it a couple days before I wrote stm. Then after a few more days nothing. I contact STM and they say it may take a few more days. I waited a whole week and still nothing. I then wrote STM and that’s when they told me they won’t be available till 3/5/22. Didn’t even bother to inform me that it would be delayed. It’s bad enough they don’t tell you when they don’t have items in stock. Really upsetting cause there’s only so many sights to trust for Evo parts. Hope it gets better.

Francesco Guicciardini (Florence, 52, IT)
Onest review and personal feelings of StopTech Street Performance Brake Pads.

First of all, I'm not an expert, so I can only talk about my feeling with these pads. (And I'm italian, so sorry if I make mistakes).
My car is a Mitsubishi Evo IX, stock, no additional power and no weight reduction. These StopTech pads are combined with the stock Brembo calipers and discs.

On the road: daily driving is good, no issues. Also good on a narrow mountain pass driving in a faster pace.

On the race track ("Autodromo dell'Umbria: Magione; Italy" if you want to know witch one): After a few laps in order to let everything heat up a bit (tyres, brakes, engine and so on...), I don't think there is enough stopping power to perform a good hard breaking.

The previous pads were original Brembo; overall, I think Brembos are better; I don't notice a significant difference on the street, but they perform better on the track. They are also very expensive (here in Italy, at least).So, for the price I paid for these StopTech pads, the little weakness I felt on the track is negligible.

In conclusion, my opinion is that the StopTech Street Performance Pads are good pads, if they're used in their area of ​​expertise: the street. They can be use on a race track if you only want to have fun and don't want to do improve your best personal time.

I have to thank a lot STM for their customer support and fast shipping.

Thank you for that great feedback, Francesco! It was our pleasure assisting you.

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