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The STM 680 small battery kit for 02-07 WRX/STi allows you to install a smaller, lighter battery to save 24 pounds while lowering the center of gravity. This kit fits cleanly in the stock location and installs in minutes with the new tie-down hardware. Includes a non-slip pad to keep the battery snug and reduce shock while driving.

The battery tie-down kit is available with or without the Odyssey PC680. Battery purchase will include a set of new terminals. Please note we cannot ship batteries outside the continental USA.

Vehicle Fitment:
2002-2007 Subaru WRX
2004-2007 Subaru STi

Stock Battery Weight: 38.15 pounds
STM-BATK-SUB0207-PC680 STM Battery Kit with Odyssey PC680 and Terminals 14.10 pounds
24.05 lighter than stock
STM-BATK-SUB0207-TD-680 STM Battery Tie Down Kit (Battery is not included)
• 24 pounds Lighter than Stock
• Utilizes Existing Points for Mounting
• Lower Center of Gravity
• Non-Slip Pad to Keep Battery Snug and Reduce Shock
• Stainless Hardware

Install Notes:
• Small batteries can fail if the posts are not torqued to 50 inch pounds. Additional torque will cause damage to your battery, so please be careful when installing.
• Lay the battery flat with the terminals on the highest side.
• Three J brackets are included, the longest bracket may be needed with some models, but most will use the shortest two.

Recommended Battery Charger:
CTEK MXS Battery Charger (40-206)

Performance Notes and Warranty:
These small battery kits are used for racing! They are not designed for for an average daily driver and would absolutely NOT support any sort of aftermarket stereo and they are not great in cold temperatures. These batteries are not even intended for automotive use, but we and most of the racing community use them as such. STM does not warranty batteries. We offer the STM Lifetime Guarantee on the STM Battery Tie-Down, but we cannot warranty the batteries themselves as we are all using them in a way they were not intended for and any attempt we have made to have them warrantied by the manufacturer has been denied.

The typical life we get from one of these batteries varies from 1 year to 10 years. Expect to treat this battery as a maintenance item - once it's done, just get a new one. For a typical 300-600 HP street car, it's fine to sit for a week, drive and race on the weekends or drive everyday in nice temperatures (40-90°). If it sits longer than 2 weeks or if it's in freezing temps, we recommend keeping the charger handy.

These batteries will start your car with no problems and charge naturally with a working alternator, but if you're having ignition issues... in our experience you'll get about 10-15 attempts off a small battery before it starts to fade if it's fully charged. If it's been sitting untouched in a cold garage for 2 months, don't even bother trying, put it on a charger first.

STM Battery Tie-Down Includes:
(1) STM Engraved Aluminum Bracket
(2) Small STM "J" Mounting Brackets
(1) Long STM "J" Mounting Bracket
(2) 1/4-20 Stainless Wing Nuts
(2) M6 Stainless Lock Washers

Additional Notes:
The batteries no longer include the STM battery top decals.
We no longer carry the black Genesis battery.

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C.R. (Seneca, SC, US)
STM small battery kit for wrx

Fits and functions great. I would recommend for someone looking to free up some space and weight. Thanks again

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