STM-Spec Evo X D2/Swift Drag Racing Coilovers

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The STM-Spec D2/Swift Coilover set up is now available for your Evo X. With drag racing in mind, we've custom-tailored and tested this suspension for a mean launch and it also offers up terrific street manners with a firm, accepting ride and versatile enough for some mixed autocross. It's the whole package.

This is the exact same set-up we use in multiple record-breaking VIII, IX & X Evo's including our 8.0 STM Evo RS!

These will ship to you with the springs installed, but not fully set-up. Additional adjustments must me made upon install. If you have any questions about the process, don't hesitate to give us a call.

Vehicle Fitment:
2008-2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

Setup instructions:
1. Install coilovers at the desired ride height. No need to be perfect as it will change during the next few steps.
2. Once coilovers are installed and the car is back on the ground, jack the rear of the car up from the center (typically from the subframe is best).
3. While watching the suspension travel (spring compression), lower the car. As soon as the wheels are firm on the ground and the suspension starts to lower/travel, measure the distance of spring movement as you let the car the rest of the way down.
4. Using a Spring compressor, adjust the spring preload collar the same amount as the measured spring travel while letting the car down. (If the travel was 1", add 1" of preload to the spring collar) This will allow the shock to have maximum travel letting the suspension work through even the most aggressive launches.
5. Repeat these steps for the front.
6. Once the preload is determined and locked in, Adjust the ride height by spinning the body of the shock to the desired position/height.
7. You are now ready for an alignment. 

Pictured are the Evo 8 coilovers. New pics coming soon!

Previous Part Numbers: STM-EVOX-D2-SPEC
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