STM Sealed Engine Oil Catch Can for Evo X Plastic Valve Cover *Currently Unavailable*

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The STM Sealed Engine Oil Catch Can for the Evo X plastic valve cover allows you to retain your stock PCV system and is designed with two chambers to keep the air separately contained. Includes everything you will need for a direct install. A sealed system will also help keep oil out of your intercooler piping. No cutting or drilling is necessary. The can mounts cleanly on the frame rail using an existing bolt hole.

*Currently Unavailable*
As of May 2022, one of the parts we need to complete this kit is not available. We will have the new design up soon!

Vehicle Fitment:
2008-2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
• Fits with Plastic Valve Cover

More Info:
The STM kit places the catchcan neatly out of the way on the lower radiator support, also allowing easy drain access from under the car. Each chamber on the catchcan has its own drain port. The aluminum body is fully fabricated in-house at STM then finished with a durable, wrinkle black powdercoat.

Includes high quality, black fittings and durable, black nylon hose that will not scratch your paint like the stainless braided line. A soft buffer is included for the bottom of the catchcan to for stability on the frame rail and to prevent scratching. The line going to the intake manifold includes a check valve.

Recommended to be installed with the STM Evo X Bellmouth Intake.

• Tig Welded Aluminum Body
• Wrinkle Black Powdercoat
• Attaches to the Frame Rail
• Black Aluminum Fittings
• Braided Nylon Hose
• Rubber Line
• Brass Drain Fittings
• Mounting Hardware
• Cushion for Frame Rail Mounting
• Clean and Easy Install

STM Products are made in the USA!
Lifetime Warranty on STM Parts to the original purchaser against manufacturing defects.

Includes: (For Plastic Valve Cover)
(1) STM Catchcan with Adhesive Buffer
(1) Hose Braided -10AN 6 Foot
(1) Hose Braided -8AN 2 Foot (11958)
(1) Hose Rubber Pushlock -6AN 3 Foot
(1) Fitting Pushlock 45° -6AN (22406)
(1) Fitting Swivel 45° -8AN (21408)
(1) Check Valve -8AN (11190)
(1) Fitting Swivel 45° -10AN (21410)
(1) Fitting Straight -10AN (21010)
(1) O-Ring -8AN (15622)
(2) Brass Drain Fittings 1/4"
(2) Hose Clamp (Big) (62003)
(1) Hose Clamp (Small) (62002)
(1) M8 x 20 Bolt
(1) M8 Flat Washer
(1) M8 Lock Washer

Shipping Times: 1-14 Days
Hand crafted and welded in New York, please give our fabricators time to assemble your parts!

Installation Notes:
-10AN Line
The 6 foot section of the -10AN braided line should be cut in two pieces to suit your routing from the can to the intake and to the valve cover.

Catchan Mounting
The catchcan is mounted on the bottom frame rail. (See images)

Check Valve
The O-ring is used with the check valve on the can side. Check valve arrow should be pointing UP.

You will need to remove both drain fittings as each side of the catchcan is sealed separately.

You will need to remove the undertray to drain the can if you choose to keep your undertray installed.

We suggest installing the catchcan with the STM Evo X Bellmouth Intake. The STM Intake includes the proper brass fitting and intake vent to match up to the -10AN line. This may work with other intake kits, but we can only confirm with the STM Bellmouth at this time.

Install Diagram for Evo X Catch Can

Fitting Placement and Check Valve Install for Evo X Catch Can

Included with Evo X Catch Can

Recommended Intake for Evo X Catch Can
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