STM Evolution X Base Tune (for Stock Injectors)

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Vehicle Fitment:
2008-2015 Mitsubishi Evolution X
(* Must have stock injectors *)
(* Must have Laptop/EcuFlash *)
(* Leave a detailed mod list in the notes at checkout *)

The STM Evolution X Base Tune calibration is intended to get you rolling in the right direction with proven results. These tunes have seen gains of over 60 wheel horse power and torque. While the gains are great and typically safe, we still recommend data logging and making fine adjustments as needed.

We are offering these tunes at a reduced price to the public with the intention of getting you in here and on the dyno.

If you've recently added a couple mods to your Evo X and would like to come in for a full custom tune, this flash will give your Evo X a nice base map to get started then you can bring your Evo in and we can do the fine tuning on the dyno.

The STM Base Tune is $250 and our hourly shop rate is $150. A healthy car can complete the tune in one hour bringing the total to $400.

You will need a Tactrix Openport and you will need to install the STM Base Tune. These ECU flashes are meant for use with stock injectors only. You must have a manual boost controller. We recommend the Hallman Pro. Please leave a detailed mod list in the comments at checkout and your best contact phone number.

(1) Base calibration loaded on a USB flash drive
(Optional) Tactrix Openport (TAC-OP20)

Required for Install:
• Manual Boost Controller
• Detailed mod list left in notes at checkout
• Stock injectors
• Ability to flash tune via Tactrix Openport

How Do I Install This?
This is somewhat technical.
If you are not comfortable doing this, or don't understand any of this, leave it to the professionals!

The Short Version:
You will need a laptop with the EcuFlash Software. Install the file from the STM USB. Use the Tactrix to connect to your OBDII port. This will connect your laptop to the Evo X ECU. Install the file into your ECU.

Again, this is not a full, custom tune. It is meant to get you started on a safe base map after a few of your first mods have been installed. You will still need to fine-tune. This base map will get your car drivable and safe so you can come to either STM to finish off the tune, or to your local tuner.

You must have a laptop.
Download the Tactric EcuFlash Software.
Be comfortable changing the maps your car runs on.

The Long Version:
Read all of this:
Tactric & EcuFlash
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