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The STM Evo 8/9 fuel pressure regulator kit includes all fittings, hardware and line to go from your fuel rail to factory-style or -6AN outlet regulator and back to the return line. Includes the STM Evo fuel rail fitting for a direct fit to your fuel rail and the STM Evo mounting bracket for an easy install of the regulator to the firewall. The mini Fuelab regulator is available in your choice of 6 colors and of course, the whole kit is E85 safe!

We also include the miscellaneous clamps, zipties and stainless bolts you'll need to save a trip to the hardware store. If you need PFTE tape, it's also available linked below. The included hoses are long enough any custom routing and can be trimmed to suit your setup.

Vehicle Fitment:
2003-2006 Mitsubishi Evolution VIII IX
• Unconfirmed with Evo 7 or JDM models

• Includes every part needed to bolt-in and go!
• Direct fit mounting bracket
• Direct fit fuel rail fitting
• Soft nylon braided hose will not scratch like stainless
• Silicone-filled fuel pressure gauge
• Fuelab regulator in your choice of 6 colors
• 100% E85/ ethanol safe

Install Notes:
• The blue O-rings are not needed.
• The brass NPT plug can be used if you want to plug off the gauge.
• The bracket included in the Fuelab box will not be needed.
• Thread Tape should be used on the gauge and the brass fitting.
• Do NOT use thread tape on AN fittings!
• We recommend: the PFTE Tape for the brass fitting or plug.

Included Parts: Used for Install:
(1) FL-53501-* Fuelab 6AN Mini Fuel Regulator Mounted on firewall
(1) STM-6AN-7MM STM 6AN Barb Fitting To bottom port of regulator
(1) STM-2G-FRF-6S STM Fuel Rail Fitting with Hardware To fuel rail
(1) STM-UNI-FPG STM Liquid-Filled Fuel Pressure Gauge To front of regulator
(1) STM-EVO89-FLMBRKT (1) STM Evo Mini FPR Mounting Bracket Mounts the regulator to firewall
(1) VIB-24402 6AN ORB 45° Hose End Fitting To regulator
(1) VIB-21406 6AN 45° Hose End Fitting To fuel rail fitting
(1) VIB-10992 6AN Port Plug To right side of regulator
(2) VIB-12233 High Pressure Clamps 10-12mm For push-on hose
(3') VIB-16324 3 Feet -4AN Push-On Hose FPR bottom to factory hard line
(2') VIB-11956 2 Feet -6AN Nylon Hose Between both 45° fittings
(3') FT-VB-012 3 Feet 3mm Silicone Vacuum Line FPR to boost source
(2) FAS-63122 Small 4" Zip Ties For silicone vacuum line
(1) M6x12 Bolt M6x12 Stainless Allen Bolt For the STM mounting bracket
(1) M6 Lock M6 Stainless Lock Washer For the STM mounting bracket
Old Part Numbers:
STM-EVO89-STD-FPRK-53501-1, STM-EVO89-STD-FPRK-51502-1, STM-EVO89-STD-FPRK-53501-2, STM-EVO89-STD-FPRK-51502-2, STM-EVO89-STD-FPRK-53501-3, STM-EVO89-STD-FPRK-51502-3, STM-EVO89-STD-FPRK-53501-4, STM-EVO89-STD-FPRK-51502-4, STM-EVO89-STD-FPRK-53501-5, STM-EVO89-STD-FPRK-51502-5, STM-EVO89-STD-FPRK-53501-6, STM-EVO89-STD-FPRK-51502-6
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Joshua Schmiedt (Wahiawa, HI, US)

STM E85 Safe FPR Kit for Evo 8/9

Moises Cruz (Kissimmee, FL, US)

Thanks for everything

Jeremy Bowman (Las Cruces, NM, US)
FPR Kit - Evo 8/9

Great kit, looks awesome. STM answered all my questions and gave great advice. Best place for everything

andrew (Costa Mesa, CA, US)
Perfect kit

All of the parts are high quality and there is plenty of extra length in the provided lines for different placement options.

My only complaint(and it's barely a complaint) is that you're kind of left to your own devices as far as placement. There are no suggestions on where people usually mount the FPR. I ended up mounting mine to the side of the intake manifold where the stock FPR solenoid was before install and that worked out well.

That said, very happy with the kit.

Thank you for the awesome feedback, Andrew! We appreciate your business, and your feedback.

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