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STM's notorious Forward Facing Turbo Manifold places the turbo right in the wide open front bumper of the Evo 7/8/9. If you have records to break, or shows to attend, this set up will blow your competition away. All we can say is, "This manifold works." Whether you are running a street car or all out racecar, it has proven itself time and time again with 1/4 mile speeds at 180+ MPH. The STM Evo RS build set the bar in 2014 with it's 8.0 passes and we used the EXACT SAME manifold we sell to you!

The STM Forward Facing Hot Parts Kit gives you all the bolt on fitment exhaust parts for designing your own custom turbo set up. Each item is a work of stainless steel art. Tig welded and back purged, the STM team hand fabricates each and every piece in house.

Vehicle Fitment:
2001-2006 Evolution VII VIII IX
• For T3 Turbo with Garrett V-Band Outlet
• For T3 Turbo with PTE V-Band Outlet
• Flanged for TiAL 44mm MVR Wastegate
• You must remove your A/C
• You will need a Small Radiator
• This is the matching Lower Intercooler Pipe

• Hand Fabricated
• Tig Welded
• Back Purged
• Flanged for TiAL 44mm MVR Wastegate
• Mild Steel Head Flange to Prevent Pulling Out Studs
• Schedule 10 1.5" Stainless Steel Manifold Runners
• Down pipe bolts to any factory location cat or test pipe (3" 2-Bolt)

Made in the USA!
Lifetime Warranty on STM Parts to the original purchaser against manufacturing defects.

(1) STM Manifold
(1) STM V-Band O2 Housing
(1) STM Dump Tube (Standard Under Car Dump)
(1) STM Down Pipe
(1) V-Band Clamp for O2 Housing to Turbo
      • 1415C for Garrett / TiAL
      • PTP071-1026 for PTE 3"
(2) Remflex Gaskets for Downpipe
(4) Bolts, Lock Washers and Nuts for Downpipe

Install Notes:
This manifold leaves no room for an air filter, so if you're on the street and worried about rocks (and you should be, we've seen it happen!) it is wise to invest in a custom bumper cover. We've seen some beautiful, clear ABS plastic designs. But it's all up to you!

Don't forget your nuts!
Evo 7/8/9 OEM Exhaust Manifold Stud & Nut Kit

Shipping Times: 4-6 weeks
Hand crafted and welded in New York just for you, please give our fabricators time to assemble your parts!

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Wiz Evo (Crestview, FL, US)

Unmatched quality, fitment and performance. Literally everything fits perfectly.

Thank you for the awesome review, and the detailed pictures- It looks great!

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