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The STM Evo 7/8/9 transmission-mount engine oil catch can is designed to mount right to your 5-speed or 6-speed transmission and will work with USDM and JDM valve covers. The mounting tabs allow you to re-use the existing transmission bolts and places the catch can right under the intake, out of the way with easy accessibility to the drain plug.

Vehicle Fitment:
2001-2006 Evolution VII VIII IX
• Fits USDM or JDM valve covers
• Fits 5 or 6 speed transmissions
• The Engine Block Breather fitting for 3-port routing will not work if you still have balance shafts

More Info:
The standard 2-port routing will vent the catch can to the side and back of the valve cover. The optional 3-port is used to vent directly to the engine block. If you only need the 2-port setup, just keep the additional fittings and line in case you need more ventilation in the future with more power.

We include both side and rear STM valve cover fittings for a clean and direct install, high quality swivel fittings and braided nylon hose. We include enough nylon braided line for you to route the install any way you want. The soft nylon also will not scratch paint or other finishes. We suggest a touch of glue or epoxy when installing the STM Valve Cover Fittings. The larger -10AN fitting goes in the back side of the valve cover, deleting the PCV valve. The -6AN installs on the side as pictured. The catch can bolts directly to your transmission using existing bolts, be sure to select the correct transmission when ordering.

As of September 2022, this kit now includes all fittings and line to install for a 2-port or 3-port setup. As always, if you have any questions regarding install, please give us a call.

Mounting Options:
For 5-Speed or 6-Speed transmission. The mounting bracket on the catch can will be slightly different for 5 or 6 speed. The 5-speed option is pictured. See the images for exactly which bolts are used to mount to the transmission.

Valve Cover Options:
For USDM or JDM covers. The rear PCV hole is a different size on the USDM and JDM valve covers. Please select the correct option so you receive the matching -10AN fitting.

• Direct-Fit STM Valve Cover Fittings
• Mounts Cleanly to the Transmission
• Uses Existing Bolt Holes
• Tig Welded Lightweight Aluminum Body
• Durable Wrinkle Black Powdercoat Finish
• High Quality Lines and Fittings
• Easy Access Brass Drain Fitting
• Weighs 4.61 Pounds
• STM Products are Made in the USA!
• Lifetime Warranty on STM Parts to the original purchaser against manufacturing defects

(1) STM Catch Can with Brass Drain Fitting (1/4" NPT)
(2) STM 5/8" Rubber Breather Filters (26-1340JR)
(1) STM Valve Cover Fitting Front VCF-6F
(1) STM Valve Cover Fitting Rear VCF-10R (USDM or JDM)
(1) STM Engine Block Fitting (BSB-16613)
(1) Vibrant -6AN Flare Cap (10452)
(1) Vibrant -6AN 120° Swivel Hose End Fittings (21206)
(3) Vibrant -6AN 90° Swivel Hose End Fittings (21906)
(2) Vibrant -10AN 90° Swivel Hose End Fittings (21910)
(1) Vibrant -6AN Black Nylon Hose 6 Feet
(1) Vibrant -10AN Black Nylon Hose 5 Feet

Install Notes:
The STM Valve Cover Fittings are a very tight fit, but we would definitely recommend a touch of glue or epoxy to help hold it in place in the valve cover upon install. We recommend the ThreeBond Gasket Maker (TB1217F).

If you need to replace your filters in the future, you can use the 5/8" Rubber (26-1340JR) or 5/8" Chrome (26-1340B).

Shipping Times: 1-14 Days
Hand crafted and welded in New York, please give our fabricators time to assemble your parts!

Part Numbers: Transmission: Valve Cover:
Previous Part Numbers: STM-EVO89-CC-TM3-5, STM-EVO89-CC-TM3-6, STM-EVO89-CC-TM2-5, STM-EVO89-CC-TM2-6
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Nick Tannous (Orlando, FL, US)
Great quality, pricing and fitment.

This works on a 96 Evo perfectly, even with the mivec head.

Jeremiah Chow (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Fast shipping & great quality

Ordered this expecting to wait a few weeks, received it in about 5 days. Quality is immaculate. Very easy to install!

Jacob (DeLand, FL, US)

Looks Great and super clean

Armando Gonzalez (Orlando, FL, US)
Great fitment

It fits like a glove just know that it is for a -6 line when buying this can

John Bundrick (Charlotte, NC, US)
Trans mount catch can

Just opened up my 4 port can from STM and it is beautiful. Every single weld looks top notch. Extremely satisfied and impressed with the workmanship. Thanks again STM

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