STM Driveshaft Carrier Bearing Support Bushings for DSM Evo 3000GT

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STM drive shaft carrier bearing support bushings are a direct replacement for your worn-out, factory, rubber bushings giving you a more solid feel overall and helping to keep the driveshaft firmly in place for a smooth rotation.

These bushings are available as a full set of 4 bushings (8 pieces) or you can purchase just one, 2-piece bushing for those of you with an aftermarket driveshaft. The same bushings fit all 1G & 2G AWD DSM, GVR4, 3000GT, Stealth and all Evolution I-X models.

Vehicle Fitment:
1990-1999 1G & 2G AWD DSM
1992-2006 Evolution I-IX
2008-2015 Evolution X
1991-1999 3000GT / Stealth
1991-1992 Galant VR-4

• Durable and Lightweight Aluminum
• Black Anodized
• Helps Eliminate Vibration
• Direct Replacement for OEM part numbers MB505658 and MB837586

• 0.30 pounds (Full set of 8)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Bryan Busch (Buffalo, NY, US)
Does not fit rear of 3000GT

I installed these front and rear in my 3000GT VR4 with new OEM carrier bearings and got terrible vibration under moderate load. I discovered that the stock rear carrier bearing bushings on a 3000GT are about 1/4" thicker than the front which would explain the symptoms of poor driveline angle. Having trouble finding any off the shelf washers/shims to make these work in the rear so I will probably just buy new OEM.

stephane cote (Gatineau, QC, CA)

STM Driveshaft Carrier Bearing Support Bushings - DSM/Evo I-X

McEvoSport (Le Port, RE)

STM Driveshaft Carrier Bearing Support Bushings - DSM/Evo I-X

Dexter de Guzman (Bellflower, CA, US)
A must upgrade.

Evo X are known for notchy shifting and this bushing help make it shift smoother. Love it.

aaron frantom (Arlington, VA, US)

I’m happy these guys take the time to provide performance parts for my 92 gallant VR4 still! God bless!!

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