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STM Battery Kit for R35 GTR

STM Tuned Inc.


Vehicle Fitment:
2009-2018 Nissan R35 GT-R

The STM Small Battery Kit is an essential upgrade, allowing you to shed the weight of the heavy, factory battery and clean up the engine bay. 

The STM Battery Kits utilize existing mounting points on the R35 for a clean, bolt-on install and includes a super lightweight, CNC machined, aluminum base, then hand-fabricated for the final product. Stainless mounting hardware is included along with the solid carbon fiber STM Tie Down.

This kit is available with or without the battery and terminals.

• Stock Battery with Factory Tray: 28.90 pounds
• Stock Battery: 27.2 pounds
• Stock Battery Tray: 1.70 pounds
• STM Tray: 1.15 pounds
• Odyssey PC680 Kit: 15.70 pounds (Save 13.20)
• Genesis 16EP Kit: 14.95 pounds (Save 13.95)
• LithiumPros C680 Kit: 5.35 pounds (Save 23.55)

• Billet Aluminum Base
• Tig-Welded Aluminum
• CNC Engraved Plates
• Utilizes Existing Bolt Holes for Mounting
• Solid Carbon Fiber Tie Down Plate
• Stainless Hardware
• Made in the USA!

Full Battery Kit Includes:
STM Aluminum Small Battery Tray and Hardware (Listed below)
Solid STM Carbon Fiber Tie Down
Choice of Battery
Battery Terminals (3217-0006)

STM Battery Tray Includes:
(1) STM Battery Tray
(2) Post Braces
(1) STM Carbon Fiber Tie Down
(1) Stainless 1/4x20 Wing Nut
(3) M6 Stainless Lock Washer
(2) M6 Stainless Fender Washers
(2) M8x20 Stainless Bolts
(2) M8 Stainless Flat Washers
(2) 1/4x20 Stainless Bolts
(2) M6 Stainless Flat Washers

Install Notes:
Small batteries can fail if the posts are not torqued to 50 inch pounds. Additional torque will cause damage to your battery, so please be careful when installing.

Performance Notes:
While we, and most of the racing community, use these as replacement car batteries, these batteries are not intended for that use.

STM does not warranty batteries. We offer the STM Lifetime Guarantee on the STM Battery Tray, but we cannot warranty the batteries themselves. Please contact the manufacturer with any performance concerns.

STM R35 GT-R Small Battery Kits

Stock Battery with Factory Tray: 28.90 pounds
Stock Battery: 27.2 pounds
Stock Battery Tray: 1.70 pounds
STM Tray: 1.15 pounds
Battery Specs Full Kit Weight (with Hardware & Terminals)

Odyssey PC680 Battery:

Pulse (5-second) Hot Cranking Amps (PHCA): 520
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): 170
20Hr Nominal Capacity (Ah): 16
Reserve Capacity Minutes: 24
15.70 pounds
(Save 13.20 pounds vs stock)

Genesis (16EP) G12V16Ah10EP Battery:

Voltage: 12
Capacity: 16Ah @ 10Hr
Terminal Type: M6 Threaded Insert
Chemistry: Thin Plate Pure Lead-Tin
Case Material: Flame Retardant ABS Plastic
Mfg Warranty: 12 Month
Cycle Charge Voltage: 14.7V to 15.0V at 77°F
Standby Charge Voltage: 13.5V to 13.8V at 77°F
Maximum Charge Current: No charge current limits
Shelf Life w/o Charge: 2 years
Operating Temperature: -40°F to 113°F
Expected Trickle Life (@ 25°C): 10 years
Capacity Range: 16-20Ah (~80-90wpc)
14.95 pounds
(Save 13.95 pounds vs stock)

LithiumPros C680 Battery:

Automotive-grade LiFePO4 chemistry
Common 680 case size
Fully alternator compatible (14.4V, 55A max)
Integrated cell balancing
Small form factor fits in tight spaces
Ultra light weight, only 4 lbs.
5.35 pounds
(Save 23.55 pounds vs stock)

LithiumPros C680 Battery Charging Notes: 
These batteries can NOT take a rapid recharge from a 100 amp alternator. If the battery is fully dead or close to it,  please recharge slowly via a suitable charger.
We recommend the CTEK 56-926.

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