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The Sparco SPX Special Edition seat is lightweight featuring the carbon fiber back side in your choice of matte or gloss carbon, wrapped in Italian leather and black Alcantara suede with your choice of grey or red stitching. These seats are specific for the driver or passenger side and sold individually, price is for one seat. Mounting options are sold separately.

Part Number: Fitment: Carbon Finish: Stitch Color:
00974ZGLNRRSSX LH Left Hand Side Gloss Red
00974ZGLNRRSDX RH Right Hand Side Gloss Red
00974ZMTNRRSSX LH Left Hand Side Matte Red
00974ZMTNRRSDX RH Right Hand Side Matte Red
00974ZGLNRGRSX LH Left Hand Side Gloss Grey
00974ZGLNRGRDX RH Right Hand Side Gloss Grey
00974ZMTNRGRSX LH Left Hand Side Matte Grey
00974ZMTNRGRDX RH Right Hand Side Matte Grey
LH vs RH?
LH and RH is determined by driver position. From the driver seat, which side is the seat on?

Purchase Includes:
(1) Seat

Shipping Times:
Typically 1-10 weeks. Sparco seats will ship directly from the warehouse.

The SPX Special Edition is a "Bottom Mount" seat and can use a 600 Series Seat Base. All mounting options are sold separately.

• Sparco Street Series
• Lightest carbon fiber reclining seat on the market
• Gloss or Matte carbon fiber back rest
• Red or Grey contrast stitching
• RTM composite lower (RTM is an advanced composite that has the same properties as carbon fiber; lightweight and strong)
• Covered in hand stitched Italian leather and Alcantara suede
• Leather Pull for seat back release
• Sold in Driver (Left) and Passenger (Right) versions

More from Sparco:
Sparco has designed and engineered some of the most advanced Sport Seats in the world. Sparco designed and developed the first-ever adjustable carbon fiber seat for super cars in 1998, for the Lamborghini Diablo. Since then countless super cars such as the Bugatti Veyron and the Lamborghini Aventador have used Sparco design and technology in their vehicles. In addition to sport seats, Sparco also produces carbon fiber parts such as body panels, bumpers, roofs and aerodynamic pieces. Sparco also produces structural carbon fiber parts like stressed member engine cradles and various chassis parts.

Supplying parts to OEM manufacturers requires all parts to pass demanding safety and durability tests. Sparco’s extensive expertise in carbon fiber technology is why Sparco is a Tier One supplier for Alfa Romeo, AMG, Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Ferrari, Keonigsegg, Lamborghini and Lotus to name a few.

The SPX is handcrafted in Italy using the same technology and materials used for OEM super cars. In fact the SPX is the first Carbon Fiber reclining seat available to the public that meets the same specifications required by the OEM manufacturers. What this means is that the attention to detail and quality cannot be matched by any other seat manufacturer on the market today.

The Sparco SPX seat represents the ultimate evolution of the sport seat. The SPX uses a combination of carbon fiber and advanced composites that give the driver both comfort and performance in a lightweight package. With the ergonomic shape of the carbon fiber backrest and the seating position of the RTM composite lower, the SPX holds the driver during extreme lateral forces and is comfortable for long road trips.

The SPX Special Edition is covered in a combination of beautiful perforated and smooth Italian leather. The center of the SPX is covered in Alcantara suede to allow you to gain absolute control of your vehicle and enhance your driving experience. To finish off the performance look, all hand stitching is done in either grey or red stitch with a Sparco logo embroidered in black. The SPX Special Edition is available in gloss or matte finished carbon fiber backrest features a leather pull strap which releases the backrest to fold forward to allow access to a backseat or storage area. The backrest also features a micro adjustment knob that allows you to dial in the perfect driving position. The SPX is sold in driver and passenger versions (left and right).

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