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Sheridan Engineering 2G 1997-1999 DSM Engine Harness Connectors (Full Kit)

Sheridan Engineering


Vehicle Fitment:
1997-1999 2G DSM
(Eclipse GST/GSX & Talon TSi)

Sheridan Engineering full Engine Harness Connector Kit for the 1997-1999 2G DSM allows vehicle owners to repair their harnesses, or build new ones. These kits include only the harness side connectors. Please verify these connectors look correct on your vehicle, before ordering.

What you see is what you get!
97ENG is pictured.
(Updated photos of this kit are coming soon!)

• 4 Injector Plugs
• 2G Crank Sensor Connector
• 97-99 Cam Sensor Connector
• 2G TPS (Throttle Position Sensor Connector)
• 2G MDP (Manifold Differential Pressure Connector)
• 2G MAF Connector
• 1991+ Coil Connector
• Knock Sensor Connector
• 2G VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor Connector)
• 91-99 PTU (Ignition Power Transistor) Connector
• Injector Resistor Connector
• IACV (Idle Air Control Valve) Connector
• Front O2 Sensor Connector
• Cruise Connector
• Transmission Reverse Switch Connector
• 2-Pin 2G Engine Coolant Temp Sensor Connector
• 1-Pin Engine Coolant Temp Gauge Connector
• 1-Pin Oil Pressure Connector
• Starter Solenoid Connector
• Wastegate Solenoid Connector
• Spare DSD2F Connector
• Extra Terminals and Wire Seals

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