Race Ramps Wheel Chocks (RR-WC)

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Use this set of four hard rubber Race Ramps wheel chocks to keep tires secure while your car is up on a set of Race Ramps, or as added security when parked on a flat surface.

Purchase Includes:
(4) Wheel Chocks

More Info:
These chocks are suitable for sports cars with low clearance as well as heavy duty vehicles, and they have a saw-tooth bottom for extra-strong grip. They are manufactured for lightweight strength with hollowed 100% recycled rubber and only weigh 1.5 pounds for chock for easy positioning. They won't slip, even when wet, and can be used on any floor type.

Recommended Use:
Use on a flat, level surface. Ensure that the bottom of each chock makes full contact with solid ground.

• Sold as a Set of four
• Length: 6"
• Width: 5"
• Height: 4"
• Weight: 1.5 lbs. per chock
• Material: Rubber
• Color: Black

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