Radium Coolant Tank Kit for Focus RS (20-0318)




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Designed to replace the plastic coolant tank found at the front right of the engine bay in the Focus RS/ST models. It maintains the same function as the OEM coolant tank while providing an additional 160mL of fluid volume.

Vehicle Fitment:
• 2016+ Ford Focus RS EcoBoost
• 2013+ Ford Focus ST EcoBoost
(* OEM cap cannot be reused)

Install Instructions:
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Required for Install:
The OEM Ford pressure cap cannot be reused. The 18-0076-A15 (18-0076-A15) Radium Cap is recommended. (Sold separately)

Full Description:
The Radium Engineering PCV Baffle Plate mounts to the engine block and replaces the factory plastic PCV plate and valve. Compared to the OEM unit, the CNC machined aluminum Radium Engineering PCV plate features an extra baffle to prevent oil sludge from entering the intake system without restricting air flow.

The Radium Engineering coolant expansion tank is CNC machined from aluminum and consists of two halves that are bolted together.

The internal design features two chambers that are NOT isolated from each other. There are cross-over passages at the top and bottom. The Radium Engineering coolant header tank also has an internal swirl feature, which is to help aid in deaerating the system.

The kits include all parts necessary for installation. No permanent vehicle modifications are required.

• Billet Aluminum Coolant Tank
• Aluminum Mounting Bracket
• Aluminum Adapter Fittings
• Heater Hose 5/16" and 3/4"
• Overflow Hose 7/32"
• Stainless Steel Hardware
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