Radium Catch Can Kit Crackcase VTA for Evo X (20-0181) *Discontinued*



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The Radium Crankcase VTA (Vent To Atmosphere) Engine Oil Catch Can Kit is an open system used for high powered Evo X builds. Mounts right behind the LH headlight by the intake. This kit requires a -10AN bung welded onto the metal valve cover to be installed.

As of June 2022, this part has been discontinued by Radium. We have none remaining in stock.
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Vehicle Fitment:
2008-2015 Evolution X
• Requires welding of the metal valve cover
• Not compatible with the plastic valve cover

Install Instructions:
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Suggested for Install:
Petcock Drain Kit
20-0300 Alternate Location Mount

More Details:
The Radium Crankcase VTA Catch Can Kit is an open (vent to atmosphere) system used for high flowing, high horsepower applications. Some loosely built race engines operate with a large amount of boost pressure and the OEM hoses can become too restrictive for the excessive blow by. This VTA kit replaces the stock hoses and valve cover fitting with -10AN hose (5/8" ID) and allows the gasses to vent through the catch can to the atmosphere. The stock PCV valve is capped and not used (caps provided) in this kit.

This kit is not a direct bolt-on and requires welding.

In order to utilize the included -10AN hose, a Evo X Metal Valve Cover MUST be used. The included -10AN male bung must be WELDED onto the valve cover at the location of the OEM crankcase vent fitting, as shown in the photos.

The 2010+ stock valve cover is plastic and cannot be used for this kit

The Crankcase VTA kit mounts the catch can behind the LH headlight so there must be room for the included breather filter. Consider purchasing 20-0300 Alternate Location Mount separately.

Metal vs Plastic Valve Covers:
2008-2009 Evo X models came with the metal valve cover and 2010+ models came factory with the plastic valve cover. The vent that connects to the intake pipe is different between them. If you upgrade your plastic valve cover to metal in the future, you will need to change the hose.
Evo X Metal Valve Cover
• Metal uses 3/8" (10mm Hose)
• Plastic uses 1/2" (13mm Hose)

• Billet Oil Catch Can with Integrated Condenser and Dipstick
• Laser Cut Powder Coated LH Mounting Bracket
• Enough -10AN (5/8") Black PCV Hose For All Applications
• Radium 14-0136 -10AN Hose End (2-Piece 90° for Push-Lok Hose)
• Radium 14-0213 -10AN Hose End (90° Push-Lok Hose End)
• Radium 20-0050 Barb Fitting with Air Filter Breather
• 10AN Male Aluminum Weld-On Bung
• Vacuum Caps for 1/2" and 3/8" Barbs
• Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware

Part Number: 20-0181
Discontinued: June 2022
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