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The Quarter Master Evo 7/8/9 8-Leg twin disc clutch kits include a new hydraulic release bearing (HRB) to convert that troublesome pull-style actuator to a more reliable push-type. Available with the 5-speed or 6-speed HRB, choose the street or race flywheel and select the street or race disc material.

Vehicle Fitment:
2001-2006 Evolution 7/8/9

Part Number: Bearing (HRB): Discs: Flywheel:
28962P1635-R 5-Speed Race Disc Street Flywheel
289544635-R 5-Speed Race Disc Race Flywheel
28962P1635 5-Speed Street Disc Street Flywheel
289544635 5-Speed Street Disc Race Flywheel
28962P1636-R 6-Speed MR Race Disc Street Flywheel
289544636-R 6-Speed MR Race Disc Race Flywheel
28962P1636 6-Speed MR Street Disc Street Flywheel
289544636 6-Speed MR Street Disc Race Flywheel
More Info:
Drawing on an extensive, race-winning heritage, Quarter Master designed the all new 7.25" Mitsubishi Evo Race Clutch to perform well in a broad range of racing platforms. The new clutch utilizes eight integral steel hardened legs to provide a much longer lifespan than one-piece aluminum covers where the floater and pressure plates have a tendency to wear into the drive legs. The 8-leg design also reduces stress on drive legs by 25 percent and creates a stiffer cover and smoother range on the diaphragm spring motion. A lower moment of inertia and gear drive friction design allow for quicker, smoother shifts. In addition, the gear drive clutch hub is located on the friction pack to enable easier transmission installation, much smoother and quicker shifting, improved input shaft wear and increased hub strength.
  • Integral steel leg design prevents floater and pressure plate wear into the drive legs & reduces stress by 25%
  • Rebuildable design ensures an extra long service life
  • Gear drive clutch hub is located on the friction pack to enable easier transmission installation, smoother & quicker shifting & improved input shaft
  • Lower moment of inertia & gear drive friction design allow for quicker, smoother shifts
  • 2-Disc design is great for use in drag racing, drifting & road racing Evo 7/8/9 applications up to 900 FT/LBS.
  • Changing to a gear drive allows you to reduce chatter while improving shifting. QM has also made some changes to the friction materials to extend the life of these clutches by up to 30%, that's about 1/3 more passes per clutch!
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