Moroso Wheel Rim Screws (90100)




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When you have a hard time keeping your slicks on your wheels... Moroso wheel rim screws to the rescue! Made from Grade 8 steel with a built-in washer face and come with a gold iridite finish.

• 35 Screws

• Manufactured from rugged Grade 8 steel to withstand the extreme loading placed on today's racing tires
• Self-tapping screws feature a built-in washer face for maximum holding strength
• Finished in gold iridite
• Use with 3/8" Socket
• Length: .750"
• Diameter: .250"

Install Instructions:
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  1. Mark and center punch eight locations evenly spaced around the outer flange of the rim so the screws will penetrate into the tire bead.
  2. Drill the holes using a 13/64" drill bit. Leave enough room to the edge of the rim to accommodate a 3/8" socket.
  3. Deburr the holes, then mount and inflate tires to 25 psi.
  4. Use a 3/8" socket to install the screws through the rim and into the tire bead.
  5. Inflate/Deflate tire to normal operating pressure.
NOTE: When installing the screws into the rim just snug them up. Over tightening will result in snapping the head off the screw.

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