LithiumPros Lithium Ion Lightweight Small Battery (C680) *Currently Unavailable*



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The C680 12V 11Ah Lithium Ion Racing Battery is a great choice for street/strip vehicles wanting to shed some battery weight. The C680 is alternator compatible (100A/14.4V max) and weighs only 4.2 lbs. Fits STM, Buschur and JMF 680 kits and more.

Currently Unavailable*
As of July 2020, STM no longer stocks the LithiumPros C680 battery.
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Vehicle Fitment:
• Fits aftermarket "Small Battery Kits" for 680-style batteries

Battery (C680)
Optional Positive and Negative Terminals (3217-0006)

Length: 7.16"
Width: 3.05"
Height: 6.63"
Height with Terminals: 7.22"
Weight with Terminals: 4.2 pounds

Charging Notes:
These batteries can NOT take a rapid recharge from a 100 amp alternator. If the battery is fully dead or close to it, please recharge slowly via a suitable charger.
We recommend the CTEK 56-926.

LithiumPros C680 Battery Specs:
Automotive-grade LiFePO4 chemistry
Common 680 case size
Fully alternator compatible (14.4V, 60A max)
Integrated cell balancing
Small form factor fits in tight spaces
Ultra light weight, only 4 lbs.

More Info:
Cell balancing is built inside the battery so no special chargers are necessary. Any AGM or gel battery compatible charger will work. (14.4V max, 13.5V max float voltage.)

The C680 12V 11Ah Lithium Ion Racing Battery can be connected in series for higher voltage (max 2 batteries in series for 24V total. Each battery must be charged separately.) They may also be connected in parallel (max 2 batteries) for more capacity.

It is recommended to disconnect the battery from the vehicle during long periods of storage (two weeks or longer) to prevent parasitic loads on the car from over discharging the battery. Optionally, a battery maintainer can be used provided the maintenance voltage is 13.5V or less. Battery must remain above 11.0V at all times. See instructions for more details.
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