Kiggly Valve Spring Kit High Pressure Beehive for 4G63 (SS-HP)

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Kiggly Racing 4G63 High Pressure Beehive Valve Spring Kit fits all Evo 1-9, DSM and GVR4 models. Includes the full set of 16 titanium retainers, pac racing springs and treated steel seats.

Vehicle Fitment:
Mitsubishi 4G63
1992-2006 Evolution I-IX
1990-1999 Eclipse GST/GSX
1990-1998 Talon TSi
1990-1994 Laser RS
1991-1992 Galant VR4

(16) Titanium Retainers
(16) PAC Racing Springs
(16) Treated Steel Seats

• Fits all 4G63 engines including DSM and EVO
• Compatible with all popular cam profiles
• Seat pressure = 97lbs at 1.440"
• Rate = 325lb/in
• Max recommended lift = 0.500"
• Min recommended spring height at full lift = 0.900"
• 100% Made in the USA!

Full Description:
The Original Beehive Spring Kit for the 4G63 Engine.

This thoroughly proven spring set has powered 4g63 vehicles ranging from 6-second drag cars to high-mileage everyday drivers. Introduced in 2006, these were the first beehive valve springs available to the 4g63 platform. They are the best spring set you can use when targeting boost levels up to about 45psi and 11,000rpm.

Featuring PAC ovate wire "beehive" springs, designed with s a stress-optimized profile that minimizes spring mass and maximizes natural frequency. This means better stability at high rpm usage. The beehive design also features a variable natural frequency, resulting in better stability during surge points and self-damping. Combining these advanced design features with aerospace quality production and shotpeening results in a high performing, reliable combination.

The spring set includes our proprietary titanium retainers and steel seats to achieve an appropriate seat pressure that will prevent excessive wear in long-term street applications. The precision CNC machined grade 5 titanium retainers are optimized for mass and stress levels using finite element analysis and packaged for maximum clearance to the valve stem seals. Any OEM replacement or smaller diameter valve seals can be used and clearance to the retainer is about 14mm.

In higher boost drag racing applications these springs can be shimmed for increased seat pressure. The limiting factor in the 4G63 valvetrain is typically boost levels, not RPM. To protect against this, we recommend targeting seat pressure at about 1.7x your absolute manifold pressure (boost + 14.7psi). This tends to be the worst case scenario and varies widely with the engine's parts combo.

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1030 SS-HP
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Customer Reviews

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Sean Mihalovich (Medford, MA, US)
Jiggly springs kick ass

Just what I needed to eliminate valve float allowing me to rev higher

Wesley Gard (Susanville, CA, US)

Kiggly Racing Valve Spring Kit High Pressure Beehive for 4G63 (SS-HP)

Jose Sanchez (Morovis, PR)

Kiggly Racing Valve Spring Kit High Pressure Beehive for 4G63 (SS-HP)

Aaron Bayne (Ottawa, ON, CA)
Always amazing

Great company to deal with ships faster than most and always quality parts

miguel chong


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