Mitsubishi Keyless Remote Entry FOB - Evo 8/9



Genuine OEM Mitsubishi Keyless Remote Entry FOB.

Fits these Applications:
2003-2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII VIII IX


Read this whole procedure before you start.
Some steps have time limits, so know what to do before you get started!

1. Locate the Data Port under driver's side dashboard.

2. Insert the key in the ignition and leave in the OFF position.

3. Use a jumper wire (any plain wire) to connect terminals 1 and 4. Leave this wire connected through the entire procedure.

4. Within 10 seconds after connecting the jumper wire, press the Hazard Switch SIX times. Note: The doors will automatically lock and unlock once at this time indicating that the system is in the programming mode.

5. Press the LOCK button on the remote THREE times within 10 seconds. Upon successful programming, the door will lock and unlock once.

6. (If you have more than one remote) Repeat step 5 with up to 4 remotes (including any existing remotes) within one minute. After completing each programming, the doors will lock and unlock once.

7. Disconnect the jumper wire and you're all set.

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One of the easiest and helpful mod for your car

Enjoy, Tokek : ) Thank you for shopping with us.

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