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Kelford camshafts for Nissan R35 GTR cater to a range of applications from stock engines to well-built competition monsters. Kelford camshafts have powered the majority of race winning and record breaking GTR's worldwide! All Kelford cams are listed below to easily compare options. Please select your cam set carefully in the purchase menu.

Vehicle Fitment:
2009+ Nissan R35 GT-R VR38DETT

(4) Camshafts
(1) Cam Lube
(1) Cam Spec Sheet

Kelford Cams for VR38DETT R35 GTR

Part Number: Duration:
Lift (mm):
Suggested Use:
231‑A 266/266° 10.00/9.25 Stage 1 EZ-Power cams to suit stock engines. Can use OEM valve springs if boost and RPM limit are kept original.
231‑B2 274/274° 10.60/10.55 Stage 2 high lift cams for street and motorsport applications. Superior performance and timing chain system reliability when used with the KVS38-BT valve spring set.
231‑C 276/276° 11.00/10.97 Stage 3 racing cams to suit well built racing engines. Suitable for many types of motorsport applications.
231‑D 284/290° 10.60/10.57 Serious race cams to suit drag racing engines using E85 or methanol fuel. The lobe designed to suit high RPM, high boost applications.
231‑E 292/306° 11.00/11.00 Ultimate race cams for methanol burning pro drag racing motors, 6 second 2000HP+ type builds.
231‑S6 274 & 266/274° 10.60 & & 10.55/10.55 Split lobe design cams, to promote swirl and maximize efficiency. Suits street, track and endurance racing applications.
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