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Kelford Cams continue to set the standard when it comes to high performance camshafts and valve springs for the 4G63 engine. All available DSM, GVR4 and Evo 1/2/3 hydraulic Kelford cam sets are listed below to easily compare specs.

Vehicle Fitment:
1990-1999 Eclipse GST/GSX
1990-1998 Talon TSi
1990-1994 Laser RS
1991-1992 Galant VR4
CD9A Evolution I
CE9A Evolution II III

More Info:
The Kelford Cams range of camshafts for Mitsubishi 4G63 DOHC engines are renowned worldwide for their superior results. This range is for the first generation of the DOHC 4G63T, from the VR4 Galant through to the Evolution 3. All of the camshafts in this range are ground on a Toyoda CNC masterless cam grinder to consistently deliver the highest quality product.

Kelford 'TX' range of camshafts for Mitsubishi 4G63 DOHC engines have the best available lobe designs, featuring low seat timing and maximum valve area while retaining perfect valve control at high RPM. Every cam in the range features the same lobe design as the mega popular 272 degree camshaft which cleaned out the competition in the AMS Import Tuner back-to-back cam test.

Kelford has developed a proven range of camshafts for this engine to suit most applications, including a low lift 272 degree cam to suit stock valve springs and high lift designs for the more serious applications.

(2) Camshafts
(1) Cam Lube
(1) Cam Spec Sheet

Kelford Cams for 4G63 DSM & EVO 1/2/3

Part Number: Duration:
Lift (mm):
Suggested Use:
1‑TX258 258/264° 10.50/10.50 For street cars with stock or small turbo up to 8000 RPM and 25psi with Kelford recommended valve springs.
1‑TX264 264/260° 11.00/10.35 For street, strip and drag from 300-500 HP, 35 psi and 8000 RPM with Kelford recommended valve springs.
1‑TX268 264/268° 11.00/10.50 High performance cams for 350-550 HP using E85 or similar blend fuels.
1‑TX272 272/272° 11.00/11.00 For the best all-around performance. 400-600 HP.
1‑TX272‑L 272/272° Low Lift 10.00/10.00 Designed with lower lift for use with the stock valve springs.
1‑TX276HL 276/272° High Lift 12.50/12.00 High lift track racing cams suit up to 30 psi and 9000 RPM with Kelford recommended valve springs.
1‑TX278 272/278° 11.00/11.00 For street/strip and track using E85 or similar blend fuels.
1‑TX280 280/276° 11.50/11.00 For well built racing engines up to 35 psi and 9000 RPM with Kelford recommended valve springs.
1‑TX280R 280/288° 11.50/11.50 High HP racing cams suit well built time attack and drag racing engines using E85 fuel.
1‑TX284HL 284/280° High Lift 12.50/12.00 For engines running up to 30 psi and 9500 RPM with Kelford recommended valve springs.
1‑TX288 288/280° 12.00/11.50 For high HP, professionally built drag racing engines up to 50 psi and 9500 RPM with Kelford recommended valve springs.
1‑TX294 294/300° 12.00/12.00 For high boost, high RPM using ethanol, methanol or nitrous.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
logan walters (Gig Harbor, WA, US)
Freaking dope!

Mark at tech support has come in clutch soooooo many times. I’m trying to build a 1998 eclipse gsx and this dude is a real G. Much support to a dope ass company💪🏽

william moore (Eagle River, AK, US)
Kelford 272

Was an easy install. Barely had to degree them. It's that kelford quality lol. If you got the money for them....get them. Best cams on the market by far for mild street/strip cams

James Smith (Dallas, TX, US)
Kelford 272

I never received them!

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