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Gates Racing black Micro-V RPM accessory belts are available for the 1990-1999 1G/2G DSM Eclipse, Talon and Laser models. All part numbers listed are for an OEM replacement size. If you have aftermarket pulleys, the diameter of your setup may be altered. Please do all your research to confirm which part number you need.

The RPM line was specifically designed for supercharged applications, but the following belt sizes are compatible with 4G63 engines. The belt construction is unyielding and less "stretchy" than other compounds.

*Limited Quantity*
The Gates RPM line is being discontinued, but we do also offer the standard replacement Gates Accessory Belts for DSM 4G63.

Part Number: Belt: Fitment: Availability:
K040372RPM A/C Belt 1990-1994 DSM *Limited Quantity*
K040365RPM A/C Belt 1995-1998 DSM *Discontinued*
K040370RPM A/C Belt 1999 DSM *Discontinued*
K040390RPM Alternator Belt 1990-1995 DSM *Limited Quantity*
K040390RPM Alternator Belt 1996-1997 DSM (Manual Transmission) *Limited Quantity*
K040384RPM Alternator Belt 1996-1997 DSM (Automatic Transmission) *Discontinued*
K040384RPM Alternator Belt 1998 DSM *Discontinued*
K040385RPM Alternator Belt 1999 DSM *Discontinued*
K040274RPM Power Steering Belt 1995-1999 DSM *Limited Quantity*
N/A Power Steering Belt 1990-1994 DSM -
Belt PN Sizes:
For example:
K 04 0372 RPM
4 Ribs
37.2" Long
RPM Racing Series

Purchase Includes:
(1) Belt

More from Gates:
The Gates RPM Micro-V accessory and serpentine belts feature the most advanced technology, resulting in lower heat, noise, vibration and belt slip. Nylon-fiber reinforced under cord gives way to an exact-fit precision ground belt profile. Two layers of adhesion for increased durability surpass strict OEM dimensional tolerances.

• Nylon-fiber reinforced undercord
• High-modulus, low stretch aramid or polyester cord
• Advanced, exact-fit precision-ground belt profile
• Strict OEM dimension specifications
• Two layers of adhesion for increased durability

"Gates RPM (Racing, Performance, Muscle) is a new, no compromise belt built specifically for supercharged applications.

Whereas 99% of all belts on the market today use a polyester tensile cord, the RPM series uses an aramid tensile cord. This is the same fiber found in bulletproof vests and is 10x stronger than steel and 5x less elastic than polyester. When polyester heats up (which it does even from normal use) it will stretch out. As you can imagine, when that belt stretches out you experience belt slip and boost loss. Eventually the elastic properties of the polyester will fail and the belt that was once 100” will stretch to 100.25”, at which point the tensioner can no longer compensate for the stretch and generally results in belt failure.

Due to the strength and minimal elasticity of aramid fiber, the RPM series of belts will not stretch which allows the belt to maintain its true length throughout its service life. This results in more consistent boost and in some instances, users have reported a 1-2psi increase merely from switching from HD belts to RPM belts. We actually have some user submitted under hood video on our Instagram page (GatesRPM) that clearly demonstrates the difference between polyester and aramid corded belts.

Another main benefit of the RPM line is the use of two layers of adhesion gum. These layers create a sandwich around the tensile cords which transfers the load to the strongest part of the belt; the jacket (or smooth backside of the belt). FleetRunner HD belts got a reputation for strength because they use one layer of adhesion gum, standard micro-v belts forgo any adhesion gum.

RPM belts also utilize a patented rubber compound with the highest coefficient of friction available and are built in common OE supercharger sizes as well as many sizes used with aftermarket setups. The RPM line has expanded to 299 part numbers with new numbers being added every quarter."

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