FIC Adaptors - Plug & Play EV1 to Denso (PADPJtoD4 / PADPJtoD6)



Fuel Injector Clinic Plug & Play Adaptors PADPJtoD4 and PADPJtoD6.

Jetronic/EV1 (female) to Denso (male) injector plug adaptors.

Fuel Injector Clinic plug and play adaptors allow installation of aftermarket injectors without modification to the factory wiring harness in your vehicle. FIC plug and play adaptors feature the female plug to match the injector, 20 gauge wires 4cm in length, and the appropriate male plug to match the factory wiring harness.

Works with many applications including:

Evo X (PADPJtoD4)
FIC High-Z 880CC (IS127-0880H)
FIC High-Z 1100CC (IS127-1100H)
FIC High-Z 1650CC (IS127-1650H)

Subaru WRX & STi (PADPJtoD4)
FIC High-Z 1100CC (IS175-1100H)
FIC High-Z 1650CC (IS175-1650H)

Nissan R35 GT-R (PADPJtoD6)
FIC High-Z 1650CC (IS188-1650H)
FIC High-Z 1100CC (IS188-1100H)

Nissan 350Z/370Z (PADPJtoD6)
FIC High-Z 1650CC (IS186-1650H)
FIC High-Z 1100CC (IS186-1100H)

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