Mitsubishi OEM Front Lip for Evo 9 (Non-SE) (6512A046WA)




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Vehicle Fitment:
2006 Mitsubishi Evolution IX Bumper
(Not compatible with Evo VII or VIII models)

Genuine OEM Mitsubishi factory replacement front lip for the Evo 9 GSR, MR, RS and SSL comes painted glossy white. Purchase includes just the front lip, but corresponding install parts are listed below. If you are simply replacing your OEM lip, it's a direct fit. You might want to pick up some extra MU488006 clips linked below.

What Color is the Paint?
These lips come painted from Mitsubishi a "glossy white". It is a generic white and not specifically labeled as Wicked White or Weightless White. If it matches your white Evo, great! If you've got a different color Evo, it will need to be painted. For now, we are grateful for the paint, so at least the white Evo's have a chance to save some cash! These are no longer available painted any other color from Mitsu.

Ships in 1-4 Weeks:
Please allow 1-4 weeks for delivery. These are coming to us via freight from Japan and can get held up at times. We usually have them in stock, but if we are waiting on a shipment, please be patient!

Mitsubishi Part Number Diagram PNC
6512A046WA 62115

Corresponding Install Parts: (Not Included)
Part Number
Diagram PNC Description Quantity Used
MU488006 62022F Splash Shield Clips 5
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Customer Reviews

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Samolh (Providence, RI, US)
2006 Evo IX nonSE Lip

great to find a OEM nonSE Lip Replacement for a evo IX thats at a good price and ships really fast

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