Mitsubishi Front License Plate Mount Install Kit - Evo 8



Genuine OEM Mitsubishi factory replacement front license plate mount and install for the Evo 8. The full, replacement kit is available, or purchase items separately as needed.

Fits these Applications:
2003-2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII

Mitsubishi PNC Reference Numbers:
62815 MN126768 Plate Garnish
62806 MN165998 Plate Bracket
62989E MU440009 Nut 6mm
62994D MS240121 Bolt M6x16
62991D MU480007 Grommet 6mm
62986M MS350014 Screw M6x30
62986N MF453047 Screw M6x16 (Old #MS450160)
62994G MS240581 Bolt M6
62991E MU435004 Grommet 6mm

Full Install Kit Includes:
(1) MN126768 Plate Garnish
(1) MN165998 Plate Bracket
(1) MU440009 Nut 6mm
(1) MS240121 Bolt M6x16
(2) MU480007 Grommet 6mm
(1) MS350014 Screw M6x30
(2) MF453047 Screw M6x16
(1) MS240581 Bolt M6
(1) MU435004 Grommet 6mm

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