EuroExport Valve Spring Compressor Tool for Subaru EJ25 (SC-50010)




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The EuroExport Subaru EJ25 valve spring compressor tool makes installing valve springs in your 2002-2014 WRX/STi easy! Simply align the holes on the aluminum body of the valve spring compressor with the ones on the head, bolt it in, place the valve spring, retainer and retainer cap on the retainers, bolt down the long bolt, place the keepers using the magnetized screwdriver and it's done!

Vehicle Fitment:
Subaru EJ25 DOHC
2002-2014 Subaru WRX
2004-2014 Subaru STi (Not for 2015+)
Also fits some 2002-2014 Forester, Legacy, Baja, Impreza and Outback models with the EJ25 DOHC engine.

• CNC machined 6061 anodized aluminum
• Can be used with the head on the block
• Will not slip and scratch or damage your head like universal clamp type valve spring compressors
• No need to remove the rocker arm shafts
• Included is a small magnetized screw driver to very easily remove or install the keeper
• Made in the USA

• Billet Valve Spring Compressor Body
• Retainer Cap
• Main Bolt
• Magnetic Screwdriver
• Install Lube

Install Tips:
If using with the head on the block, cylinders need to be pressurized to 100PSI to prevent the valve from falling into the cylinder. If using with the head out of the engine compartment, put something below the valve to keep it pressed upward.
  1. Align the holes on the tool with the one the head, and place bolts and washers to secure the tool.
  2. Place the retainer cap on top of the retainer, lubricate the included long bolt with provided grease and start turning the long bolt clockwise with the help of a wrench (14mm) to apply pressure to the retainer cap and compress the valve spring until the keepers are completely visible and can come out.
  3. Using the magnetized end of the screw driver remove the keepers.
  4. To reinstall the valve assembly, place the valve (if removed for some reason), valve seals, valve spring, and retainer; compress the assembly using the same steps as above.
  5. Place a small amount of the provided grease on the flat tip of the screw driver and place a keeper over it, the grease will hold the keeper in place and allow you to place the keepers easily.
  6. Once keepers are in place, start turning the bolt counterclockwise to relieve the pressure of the valve spring.
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