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Enkei RPF1 satin black wheels are available in sizes and offsets to fit many vehicles. Please confirm all specs before purchase as we cannot accept returns on installed wheels. If you need help with fitments, just give us a call. Wheels are sold individually, price is for one wheel.

Purchase Includes:
• Price is for one wheel
• Please adjust quantity as needed

Evo 8 Fitment Pictured:
• Enkei RPF1 17 x 8.5 +30 (5x114.3)
• Tires 255-40-17

Shipping Times:
Enkei wheels will ship directly from the warehouse in 1-14 days. Most popular sizes are typically in stock. If you have a deadline, just shoot us a message to confirm with the part numbers you need.

Shipping Notes:
• This item ships by ground to the Lower 48 Continental United States ONLY
• Does not ship to AK, HI, PR or out of the USA
• Not available for Overnight Shipping

Part Number: Pattern: Size: Offset: Bore: Weight (lbs):
3797706545BK 5x114.3 17x7.0 45 73 14.90
3797756548BK 17x7.5 48 73 15.25
3797806535BK 17x8.0 35 73 16.10
3797806545BK 17x8.0 45 73 16.05
3797856530BK 17x8.5 30 73 17.05
3797906535BK 17x9.0 35 73 TBA
3797906545BK 17x9.0 45 73 15.65
3798756548BK 18x7.5 48 73 16.90
3798856530BK 18x8.5 30 73 18.95
3798906535BK 18x9.0 35 73 17.10
3798956515BK 18x9.5 15 73 18.20
3798956538BK 18x9.5 38 73 TBA
37981056515BK 18x10.5 15 73 19.05
3798904435BK 5x112 18x9.0 35 66.5 TBA
3797758048BK 5x100 17x7.5 48 73 15.25
3797808035BK 17x8.0 35 73 16.10
3797808045BK 17x8.0 45 73 16.05
3797908045BK 17x9.0 45 73 15.65
3798808045BK 18x8.0 45 56 17.95
3794704919BK 4x100 14x7.0 19 54 8.70
3795704935BK 15x7.0 35 73 9.85
3795804928BK 15x8.0 28 75 11.35
3796704943BK 16x7.0 43 73 TBA
3796804938BK 16x8.0 38 73 TBA
3797704943BK 17x7.0 43 73 15.15
More from Enkei:
The twin spokes on the Enkei RPF1 achieve better stress dispersion on curves, hard braking, and extreme race driving.

CENTER DESIGN: Enkei’s pocket design around the bolt circles increases rigidity and keeps the wheel cooler during aggressive race driving.

MAT PROCESS: Shaping by the MAT process reduces wheel weight by 10%-15%. Every pound of unsprung weight savings has the effect of reducing overall vehicle weight by 20lbs.

Sizes 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 (Cap not included 15x8-18x10.5, no cap available for 14x7 and 15x7)

Enkei custom wheels deliver the latest in wheel designs, composite alloy technology such as, casting/forged processes, rigid testing that must pass stringent JGTC Standards and unsurpassed manufacturing facilities. Enkei is dedicated to perfection and delivers the best in aftermarket wheels.

MAT Technology
Enkei developed a new manufacturing process to produce the next aluminum wheel generation. The Most Advanced Technology (M.A.T) combines one-piece cast wheel technology with a rim forming technology called spinning process. Using this new technology of casting and rim forming by M.A.T process, is critical to improve drastically the material property and strength of the wheels. Rim-Rolled technology shapes the rim to improve material elongation without sacrificing the wheels hardness.

All Enkei wheels are engineered to pass rigorous testing. In fact, Enkei established its own test standard called "Spec-E," which is tougher than JWL requirements. Enkei's Spec-E test setting requires a higher drop point in the impact test and 20% more cycles for the rotary bending fatigue and dynamic radial fatigue tests than JWL standards. The Spec-E represents Enkei's confidence in its technology and quality of Enkei wheels.

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