DeatschWerks DW65c 265LPH Fuel Pump & Install Kit




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The DeatschWerks DW65c fuel pump is available with a universal install kit or choose from the vehicle-specific kits available for the Evo X, R35 GTR, BRZ, 2008+ WRX/STi, Focus RS and some Honda Civic and Acura RSX models. When purchasing the universal kit, please confirm if you'll need the 651 or 652 style.

The DW65c was the industry's first compact fitment high flow pump. The compact fitment offers easy installation into many modern fuel pump modules where standard sized pumps (such as DW100, DW200, and DW300) cannot be fitted. The DW65c flows 265lph at 40psi and features a quiet and reliable turbine impeller which is compatible with pulse width modulated pump drivers. The pump also features an encapsulated armature for compatibility with ethanol based fuels.

Part Number: Includes:
9-651-1000 651 Fuel Pump with Universal Install Kit
9-652-1000 652 Fuel Pump with Universal Install Kit
9-651-1008 Fuel Pump with Install Kit for 2006-2013 Civic
9-651-1009 Fuel Pump with Install Kit for 2002-2006 RSX / 2001-2005 Civic
9-651-1010 Fuel Pump with Install Kit for BRZ/FRS/86 & 2015+ WRX
9-651-1017 Fuel Pump with Install Kit for 2016+ Focus RS
9-651-1026 Fuel Pump with Install Kit for Evo X
9-652-1008 Fuel Pump with Install Kit for 2008-2014 WRX & 2008-2020 STi
9-652-1009 (x2) Two Fuel Pumps with Install Kits for R35 GTR

(1) Fuel Pump
(1) Install Kit

• Manufactured in Germany through Bosch
• 265LPH at 40psi
• Encapsulated armature for E85 compatibility
• DeatschWerks 3-Year Warranty

What's the difference between the DeatschWerks 651 vs 652?
DeatschWerks DW65c 651 vs 652

DeatschWerks DW65C 265LPH Fuel Pump

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