Cometic MLS Head Gasket for 4G63 1G/2G DSM




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Cometic MLS multi layer steel head gaskets for the Mitsubishi 4G63 Evo 1/2/3, 1990-1999 1G/2G DSM and GVR4. These gaskets are available in various thickness and bore sizes to match your build. We currently offer the .036, .051, .066 and .075 thicknesses. Please review your selection carefully before purchase.

Vehicle Fitment:
1990-1999 Eclipse GST/GSX
1990-1998 Talon TSi
1990-1994 Laser RS
1991-1992 Galant VR4
1992-1996 Evolution I II III

(1) Gasket

The C4233-056 is pictured for reference.

Please Note:
We have the full chart of part numbers listed below, but we will soon only offer the .036, .051, .066 and .075 thicknesses. If you need one of the other options, CLICK HERE - they may be in stock and ON SALE!

4G63 DSM Cometic Head Gasket Part Numbers:
Gasket Thickness: Layers: 85.5mm Bore
(Standard Bore)
86mm Bore
87mm Bore
.027" (0.68mm) 3 Layers C4233-027 C4234-027 C4235-027
.030" (0.76mm) 3 Layers C4233-030 C4234-030 C4235-030
.036" (0.91mm) 3 Layers C4233-036 C4234-036 C4235-036
.040" (1.016mm) 3 Layers C4233-040 C4234-040 C4235-040
.045" (1.143mm) 3 Layers C4233-045 C4234-045 C4235-045
.051" (1.29mm) (OEM Size) 3 Layers C4233-051 C4234-051 C4235-051
.056" (1.42mm) 5 Layers C4233-056 C4234-056 C4235-056
.060" (1.52mm) 5 Layers C4233-060 C4234-060 C4235-060
.066" (1.67mm) 5 Layers C4233-066 C4234-066 C4235-066
.070" (1.77mm) 5 Layers C4233-070 C4234-070 C4235-070
.075" (1.90mm) 5 Layers C4233-075 C4234-075 C4235-075
.077" (1.95mm) 5 Layers Not Available Not Available C4235-077
.080" (2.03mm) 5 Layers C4233-080 C4234-080 C4235-080
.084" (2.13mm) 5 Layers C4233-084 Not Available Not Available
.095" (2.41mm) 5 Layers C4233-095 C4234-095 C4235-095
.120" (3.04mm) 3 Layers C4233-120 C4234-120 C4235-120
.140" (3.55mm) 5 Layers Not Available C4234-140 C4235-140
More Info:
The Cometic MLS Multi Layer Steel head gasket is comprised of three or more stainless steel layers for increased strength, ability to rebound and corrosion resistance. The outer layers of the gasket are embossed and coated on both sides with a Vitton rubber based material which is heat resistant to 482°F.

The center or shim layer of the gasket is comprised of an uncoated Stainless Steel Layer, which can be varied to accommodate multiple thickness requirements. The MLS gasket is ideal for both aluminum heads to cast iron blocks and aluminum heads to aluminum blocks.
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Mike Sam (Kennewick, WA, US)

Good product and fast shipping

Wyatt Rigtnour (Ogden, UT, US)

Cometic MLS Head Gasket for 4G63 1G/2G DSM

Juvencio Gonzalez (Bayamón, PR)
Positive experience!

As always, a reliable source for the parts I need for my 1G!

Cody Mattson (Mosinee, WI, US)

Cometic MLS Head Gasket for 4G63 1G/2G DSM

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