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ARP Ultra-Torque Fastener Assembly Lubricant



ARP Ultra-Torque Fastener Assembly Lubricant gets you within 5% of the required pre-load on the first pull and stays consistent with each subsequent cycle-race prep, machining, pre-assembly and final assembly. Premium grade moly base with rust and corrosion inhibitors.

Effective lubrication range -30° to 550°F, with a load range of 500,000 psi.

• Eliminates preload scatter
• Remains consistent on every cycle
• Resists fastener loosening
• Saves Time - no need to re-torque 6+ times
• Maintains consistent clamping force
• An absolute "must" for any serious engine builder

Today's critical head studs and bolts, main studs and bolts, and driveline have been designed stronger than ever before to handle the extreme loads. As a result, installation pre-loads, the amount the fastener is stretched during installation, are very high.

There are a lot of opinions out there about which fastener assembly lube to use and what the torque value should be. First, let's be clear: ARP provides torque specs for their fasteners based on using ARP Ultra-Torque. If you're not using ARP specs and ARP lube, you have no real idea what pre-load you're getting. ARP has done the testing where they can measure the torque applied and the resulting pre-loads. They've tested with ARP lube and the lube others use... and ARP has the results to back it up.

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Consistent and fair shipping value!

Sensational! I was almost giving up importing to my country due to the absurd prices of shipping .. but in this shop I found the value of coherent freight and I was able to import a Weldon filter and some ARP accessories .. STMTUNED is to be congratulated and I hope to make other purchases in the future!

Thank you for the incredible feedback, Elisson! We appreciate your business : )

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