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APR GTC-500 Carbon Fiber Wing for R35 GTR

APR Carbon


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Vehicle Fitment:
2009-2018 Nissan R35 GT-R

Spanning 71 or 74 inches over its optimized 3D airfoil shape, the APR Performance GTC-500 Adjustable Wing supplies maximum downforce in widebody sports and touring car applications.

When it comes to racing, every second counts. APR Performance Adjustable Wings can give you that edge to achieve faster lap times. By reducing lift and increasing downforce, you can gain extra traction during high speed cornering.

Although adjustable wings arent specifically a suspension component, they play a crucial role to the handling characteristics of a car. By adjusting the angle of attack on an adjustable wing, you can dial in the amount of downforce for better car control. This allows your car to have more or less oversteer characteristics, giving you additional control to tune the rear traction of your car.

APR Performances newest addition to the GTC Series is the GTC-500 Carbon Fiber Adjustable Wing. Spanning 70 inches, the GTC-500 is the largest aftermarket adjustable wing available. With its optimized 3D airfoil shape, the GTC-500 is perfect for high speed touring applications and supplies an ample amount of downforce without causing excess drag.

• 2x2 twill weave
• Pre-preg carbon fiber 3K
• UV-stable clear coat
• 70" w/ variable Angle-of-Attack (AOA)
• Center section vs outer section angle difference: 10 degrees
• Stainless-steel machine screws, washers, and nuts
• 6061 billet aluminum brackets/pedestals with application-specific bottom mounting bases

    Shipping Times:
    Build time for this product is 7-10 days. Delivery times range from 1 week to 5 weeks.

    User assumes full responsibility for ensuring proper installation as intended. Professional installation by well-qualified personnel is highly recommended. The vehicle applications shown above are intended to work as a complete system when installed onto original vehicle body parts (i.e. trunk lids, hatches, etc.). To insure proper function and reliability, APR advises against modification or substitution of any component of the intended installation. Any modification or substitution of the airfoil, side plates, pedestals, mounting bases, mounting brackets, or hardware included with the wing kit may create unsafe operating conditions and ultimately cause this system to fail. Substitution of original vehicle manufacturer parts needed for the intended installation (i.e. rear trunk lid or rear hatch) with non-original parts may also create unsafe operating conditions and ultimately cause this system to fail.

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