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AEM Digital Failsafe AFR/Boost Gauge (30-4900) *Discontinued*


AEM-30-4900 (Not Available)

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The AEM classic digital Failsafe wideband AFR gauge allows you to safely and accurately monitor your AFR readings providing driver confidence in the cockpit! With the 4-styles-in-one design, you can be sure to find a combo to match your set-up.

This product was discontinued in February 2021 and is no longer available to purchase new. We have none remaining in stock.

• Gauge
• Sensor Harness (35-3426)
• Power Harness (35-3425)
• 4.2LSU Oxygen Sensor (30-2001)
• USB Cable
• Silicone Hose
• T-Fitting
• Zip Tie
• Black Bezel
• Silver Bezel
• Black Faceplates
• White Faceplates

AEM Install Guide:
30-4900 PDF Install

More Info:
AEM Wideband Failsafe gauges provide the ability to accurately tune the air/fuel ratio, while actively protecting your engine by constantly monitoring air/fuel ratio curves and activating a user-defined failsafe strategy if it runs lean. They can also be used as universal exhaust gas oxygen (UEGO) controllers with an internal boost sensor.

This gauge features an internal data logger, a full color Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) display, and the technology to activate a failsafe strategy in the event that the air/fuel ratio falls outside of a user-defined operating window. When this occurs, the user-defined output function that's activated, can save an engine from catastrophic damage. They are a must-have for all tuned performance engines, whether forced induction or naturally aspirated, fuel injected or carbureted.

These gauges also include six different faceplates and black and silver bezels.
  • 52mm gauge
  • Displays both boost or vacuum and AFR or Lambda simultaneously on the same gauge
  • No free air calibration required
  • Internal boost sensor
  • Bosch sensor included with LSU4.2, accurate to 0.1AFR
  • -5V analog output for use with data loggers and EMS units
  • Internal Boost Sensor up to 30psi
  • On-Board 3+ data logger at 20hz with RPM input
  • 24 Sweeping LEDS that are software programmable to create your own red/orange/green area on your gauge
  • Data Analysis with AEMdata
  • AEMnet compatible(CAN 2.0)
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