Radium Port Injection / FST Install Kit for Focus RS




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Includes everything needed to install a Radium fuel surge tank (FST) with dual fuel pumps in a Focus RS using the Port Injection Kit (PIK). If you have BOTH the FST and the PIK, this is exactly what you will need to install it all!

Vehicle Fitment:
• 2016+ Ford Focus RS EcoBoost

Install Instructions:
Download PDF

Required for Install:
Port Injection Kit
Fuel Surge Tank (Dual Pump)
• Aftermarket Fuel Injectors

Full Description:
This system uses 2 fuel pumps in the surge tank. Each pump runs in a separate independent fuel system. One pump is used to replace and mimic the OEM fuel supply line and feed the OEM HPFP. The other pump is used to supply fuel to an aftermarket port (secondary) injection fuel rail. Both pumps are protected from fuel starvation as the OEM low pressure fuel pump(s) are redirected to supply fuel to the FST. Overflow fuel returns back into the OEM fuel filler hose with an included billet adapter.

The new FST pump supplying the OEM HPFP is regulated with a non adjustable Radium FPR. This can be vacuum referenced if 1:1 fuel pressure is required or ran static to mimic the stock system. The new FST pump that supplies the separate port injection system routes fuel through a Radium cellulose filter. To regulate the port injection fuel, a Radium DMR (black or green) with an 8AN ORB inlet is included. This regulator will mount to most aftermarket port injection fuel rails including the fuel rail provided with Radium PIK.

The MK3 Ford Focus install kit locates the FST in a collision-safe area under the vehicle, in front of the rear bumper support. The anodized aluminum bracket solidly mounts to OEM mounting points. Heat tape is included to reflect unwanted heat from the exhaust system, as shown.

Also included are wiring components with flying leads featuring Raychem solderless butt splices, and weatherproof fuse and relays to drive the FST fuel pumps. Wiring is very simple and takes less than 30 minutes to assemble. No soldering is required.

• DMR Fuel Pressure Regulator 8AN ORB (Black or Green)
• Fuel Pressure Regulator, Non-Adjustable Bosch Top
• 10 Micron Cellulose Fuel Filter with Heat Exchanger
• Aluminum MK3 Focus FST Mounting Bracket
• Silicone-Filled Fuel Pressure Gauge
• Aluminum Push Lok -6AN Hose Ends
• AN and OEM Style Adapter Fittings
• Vapor Shield 3/8" (-6AN) EFI Hose
• Wiring Components with Relay and Fuse
• Stainless Steel Hardware
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