Wilwood Rear Caliper for Foxbody Mustang Brake Kit (120-16190)




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Wilwood replacement 4 piston rear caliper for the Wilwood rear brake kit (140-11396) for Foxbody Mustangs with a 8.8" rear and 5-lug conversion. These are the calipers included in the Wilwood kit (140-11396). Available in black, red, grey or polished. Sold individually, price is for one caliper. Pictured installed at STM on a 1992 Mustang.

Vehicle Fitment:
• Fits Wilwood 140-11396 Foxbody Mustang Brake Kit
• Please confirm all specs and do additional research if necessary, this is not a stock replacement part.

Purchase Includes:
(1) Caliper

The black Wilwood caliper is pictured in detail installed at STM on a 1992 Mustang, Wilwood 120-16190-BK.

Caliper Color: Part Number:
Black Powdercoat 120-16190-BK
Red Powdercoat 120-16190-RD
Polished 120-16190-P
Grey (Anodized) 120-16190
Caliper Specs:
• Piston Count: 4
• Piston Area (in²): 3.00
• Piston Typel: Stainless
• Material: Forged Aluminium
• Weight: 3.6 pounds

Compatible Brake Pads:
150-11396K 4812 BP-10
150-14355K 4812 BP-20
150-14356K 4812 BP-40

More from Wilwood:
The Forged DynaPro-Low Profile Lug Mount (FDP-LP) forged billet caliper represents the newest generation of calipers available as an upgrade or replacement for applications previously using the long-standing Dynalite model series. DP calipers combine pure race technology with several new exclusive Wilwood performance enhancements. A sleek profile with superior strength and a forged machined finish provide the performance and looks for competition or show. Especially designed for limited outboard rotor hat clearance and narrow swept area rotors.

The strength of the Forged DynaPro-Low Profile is a combination of process and design. The DynaPro caliper series is designed using stress-flow forged from premium grade billet. Stress-flow forging realigns the grain structure of the metal within the contour of the body design. This process produces a part with superior strength over parts simply machined from straight grained blocks of billet. The FEA generated body design incorporates a highly fortified radial transition that eliminates steps and shoulders between the piston housings and the bridges. Incorporating a radius in this critical area substantially increases resistance to deflection and caliper body separation under load. Structural deflection and volume displacement testing have proven the efficiency of this innovative design. Reductions in overall deflection, and the subsequent decreases in fluid volume displacement, translate to increased clamping efficiency with less pedal travel. The bottom line is a firm, responsive pedal with outstanding stopping power.

The DynaPro-Low Profile is loaded with other enhancements for performance and wider application. The calipers feature Quick-E-Clip pad retainers that support a new design 4812 type brake pad from the top. Not only does it allow for fast pad service without caliper removal, the bottom pad supports have been removed to create a slimmer profile that can be more easily fitted into tight clearance applications.
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